5 Dollar Ad Spot on When It Was Cool flagship Podcast and DragonKing Dark Podcast

We are now offering a 30 second to one minute ad spot on our two most widely listened to shows. You get a spot on BOTH shows for just $5. The ad will appear in the mid-show spot on the next available edition of those podcasts.

The When It Was Cool Podcast is our flagship podcast and is available on all major podcast platforms for free.

The DragonKing Dark Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms PLUS: Dark Matter Digital Network (Yes, the one that Art Bell started) AND WrestlingObserver.com, plus other affiliate blogs and websites.

If you have a previously recorded ad then we will use that one or we will read an ad copy for you of up to 150 words.

  • Whatever you are advertising must be family friendly and work safe. We reserve the right to refuse any ad. Absolutely NO adult content.

To order simply hit the PayPal button below and email us the file to use or a text of up to 150 words to read. We will send you a link to the shows it appears on as soon as it airs.

Email address: Karl@WhenItWasCool.com

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