When It Was Cool!  Our First Month!

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

Lots of fun so far with a lot more to come!

Lots of fun so far with a lot more to come!

WhenItWasCool.com is now a month old and it's been a lot of work so far.  We have produced four podcasts and we have put in all the work to get them distributed as widely as possible.  The When It Was Cool podcast is now available directly from our site by download or our streaming player on the Podcast Page.  We have also got it listed on iTunes but we really need your help to get it ranked higher.  You can help us out by rating it and leaving a comment if you use iTunes to download the show.

In addition to that, we have gotten the show listed and available on Stitcher (you can leave us a rating on there also) and CastBox FM as well.  If you listen to podcasts anywhere else and can't find us please let us know so we can try and get listed there.  The podcast has been performing exceptionally well with every episode, so far, gaining in downloads.  Please help us continue to spread the word.

Our YouTube channel could use some love.  We had higher expectations for our YouTube videos when we launched the website and as our proficiency with software improves so will our videos but we are having a harder time than expected getting a foothold.  If you can help us spread the word of our YouTube channel by Tweeting or posting them on Facebook or whatever you can do it would be greatly appreciated.  It is one of our monetized sources.

Finally, we could really use your help financially this month.  A few wonderful people signed up with a recurring $5 a month donation to the site and I want to thank them.  We really want to expand our podcasting network and bring in new shows with a greater variety but we need funding to do so.  Until we can break even on site costs we can not begin to expand the site so please, if you are so inclined to make a donation that would really go a long way toward helping us.  A some point we will have some products for sale and those who are on a recurring donation schedule will get first shot and discounts when we finally reach that stage.  Also any contributors are welcome to submit articles, videos, or audio files to our site and further your own projects, websites, or social media accounts.  Again, thank you.

Please support us with a recurring monthly donation. For $5 per month recurring payment we will credit you on our podcasts! (We will even plug your website, podcast, YouTube channel, etc at our discretion just send us the info to our email address)