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Stories from Tonya from When It Was Cool discussing mental health, mental illness, addiction, and life stories. Everyone has a story and how we arrived at where we are is individual to each person. This is a Patreon exclusive show at the $5 membership level.

Bruised Not Broken Podcast - Episode 2 - Product of a White House Boy (Part 1)

Listener discretion is advised as there are some real difficult topics discussed. From the early 1900s through the 1980s there was a juvenile boys home in Florida that routinely beat the children housed there, some (perhaps many) to the point of death. The state of Florida investigated this and ultimately shut the detention center down and put a memorial to the children buried in the cemetery there. One of the children beaten there was Tonya's father. He was a man that, as you will hear in her very own words, was not a very good man by societies standards. But her relationship with him was complex and surprisingly different than you might expect. Today, she suffers from a cluster of mental illnesses. Some days are better than others but once you understand the road that led her to today the more you will realize that sometimes seeds planted generations ago still lead to harvests today. Let me introduce you to a product of a White House Boy... Tonya from When It Was Cool. Bruised Not Broken 02

Bruised Not Broken Podcast - Episode 1 - Jacob’s Story

Tonya is here with her first ever solo audio show - Bruised Not Broken. Her show deals with mental illness and addiction struggles and in this episode she interviews "Jacob", her long time friend, who discusses his struggles with suicide, drug abuse, mental illness, and sexuality. We do not judge others and everyone has a story, a story that has written itself over a lifetime. Here is Jacob's story. September is National Suicide Prevention Month. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255 Bruised Not Broken 01

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