Changes to When It Was Cool Coming

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

As When It Was Cool ® continues to grow and moving ahead in 2018 we will, as needed, be making some programming and website changes.  I want to give you a heads-up to these changes so you can download any content we are discontinuing before it is taken down.  The following changes will take place this month.

Discontinued: Weekly Update Podcast  /  Replaced by:  Patreon Update Podcast

The new Patreon update podcast will be posted on Saturdays for all level Patreon supporters but only on weeks where there is sufficient new information to warrant a show.  Past Weekly Update Podcasts will be pulled off the Patreon feed so if you want any back episodes please download them soon.

Changed:  The Marvel Universe in Order Podcast

We will be discontinuing the Marvel Universe in Order Podcast as a stand-alone show and will now be making it a segment within the flagship When It Was Cool Podcast.  This way Tonya can get back to participating with us and we can continue along without having to do a stand-alone show each time.  Plus, that will give us some comic book content for the When It Was Cool Podcast.  We will be leaving up the 17 stand-alone shows in the digital download archives.

Discontinued:  The Daily Retro News Update

That experiment didn't yield the expected results as hits on the news update pages didn't meet expectations so our energy is better spent on articles that people do actually read.

Upcoming:  Tonya's show

Tonya is working on her own podcast that will be part of the network in the coming weeks so be on the look out for that!

Removing: The DragonKing Press Newsletter Audio Companions

I will be leaving up the digital .pdf copies of the DragonKing Press Newsletter in the digital download archives but will soon be removing the audio companions so be sure to download those soon if you want them.

After reading over Patreon exit surveys, emails, and messages it seems that one of the problems we have at When It Was Cool is actually a pretty good problem to have- too much content!  People have complained that there is too much to consume here and they fall behind and ultimately give up.  In order to help with burn out we are trying to streamline our content and make it more efficient.  We will combine shows where appropriate (such as with the Marvel Universe in Order Podcast) and occasionally build in skip-days into programming allowing people to catch up.

Of course, you the listeners (and especially the Patreons whom we consider partners in this thing) have a voice and if you have ideas about how to make the network more efficient please let us know by email or Twitter.

DragonKing Dark, Old Time Wrestling Hour, When It Was Cool Podcast, Uphill Both Ways, Wrestling With the Dawg, and NoFriender Thrash Metal Show will all continue as is.  The superhero and action-adventure movie reviews will continue as well, though I may occasionally build a skip week into that day.  Fridays will continue to be Patreon request show days.

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