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Christmas From the Heart Part 2

By:  Tonya (@wiwcool)

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Another one of my favorite Christmas cartoons as a child and still was -How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch is a green monster with a heart two sizes too small making him bitter and grouchy. He lives up on a mountain above the joyful happy little village of Whoville with his only companion Max, his unloved, but loyal dog. Whoville is full of merry, warm-hearted Who's that have a love for Christmas and all its festivities. The Grinch is annoyed by their happiness and decides to dress up as Santa Claus and steal Christmas from The Who's in hopes of also stealing their joy. 

He takes all their Christmas themed items- presents, trees, feasts, etc. back to his home atop Mount Crumpit. When he awakens Christmas morning he hopes to find them in agony and hear their cries of bitterness & sorrow. But instead he hears them singing a joyous Christmas song. 

And In That moment he realizes that maybe Christmas means more than just presents and feasting. Humbled, his heart grows three sizes and he returns Christmas to Whoville and is warmly invited  to celebrate with them. 

Okay, So did we learn anything from the Grinch? Apparently not, as Christmas is more commercialized now than ever. I remember when there was not one single store open on Thanksgiving Day so that all people employed everywhere could spend time with their families. Now, like so many other things, that too has became a thing of the past.

Stores now open up on Thanksgiving Day to kick off their "Black Friday Sales", making them umm... Black Thursday sales.  Gotta make that money!

Don't be this...

Don't be this...

It sickens me personally. Someday I hope every human everywhere grasps and takes hold of the importance of  "time". Spend every moment you can with your family. I can assure you that there's no amount of money in this world worth trading those memories for once someone you love is gone.  It's not about the gifts. It's about time well spent. It's about the love.  Let's not forget that. PRIORITIZE! 

be this...

be this...