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Date: 03/30/2018

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  • HasLab from Hasbro exceeded their necessary crowd funding level today of 5000 in order to produce the massive Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge which will be the largest Star Wars play set to date.  This was Hasbro's first attempt at crowd funding a high end toy set and may open the door for future projects.
  • Legendary action movie star and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent emergency heart surgery today.  TMZ reports the following in their last update: "the procedure was to replace a pulmonic valve that was originally replaced due to a congenital heart defect in 1997. That 1997 replacement valve was never meant to be permanent and has outlived its life expectancy, so he chose to replace it yesterday through a less-invasive catheter valve replacement..." 
  • David Bixenspan has written a new Deadspin article trying to, once and for all, come to a conclusion on the actually attendance figure for WWF (WWE) WrestleMania III in the old Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.  The attendance has been debated for years.  The event took place in March of 1987.
  • In other, but older, pro wrestling news.  The fantastic prowrestlinghistoricalsociety.com website had this interesting bit of information in their Texas results 1920-1929 page about well known wrestler and middle weight world heavyweight champion Elmer "Pet" Brown who we mentioned a few times during out Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series.  "MAY 1923:  MAY 7, 1923 (MONDAY):  Abilene, Texas:  Constable Was Given Bond in A Cisco Hearing.  Elmer D. (Pet) Brown, middleweight wrestling champion of the world, and for the last four years a contractor in this section, was shot and instantly killed late Saturday night at his construction camp near Cisco, Texas. At a preliminary hearing, Constable L.J. Starkey of Cisco was released on $5,000 bond in connection with the affair. It is said the trouble followed a visit to Brown’s construction camp by the constable, who arrested several negroes for gambling. Brown, it is said, offered to stand good for the negroes’ fines. An argument arose and the shooting followed. Pet Brown was widely known and well liked. He had a big contract in Cisco for work on the Bankhead Highway, and a contract for 80 blocks of paving in the city. At a mass meeting of nearly 1,000 citizens, resolutions of condolence were adopted and tributes paid to the life and character of Brown." - The Daily Reporter
  • Stephen King announced on Twitter that Pet Sematary is now an unabridged audio book.  King Tweeted: "PET SEMATARY is now (and at last) an unabridged audiobook. All props to Michael C. Hall, who gives a bravura reading."
  • The When It Was Cool Network podcast of the day is a Patreon exclusive looking at a band we are going to be seeing again in concert next week- REO Speedwagon.  Patreon supporters can listen to the audio documentary - here.

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