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Date: 04/01/2018

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Top Stories:

  • I am proud to announce that the When It Was Cool federal trademark certificate arrived in the mail yesterday.  We are now bonafide, as they say in O Brother Where Art Thou (one of my favorite movies)!  Thanks to all of our Patreons who made this dream come true.
  • In article today by MSN, Hasbro CEO admits mistakes were made in marketing Star Wars The Last Jedi toys.  He chalks it up to releasing them too early but the lack of variety hurt them too but no one is admitting that yet.
  • Check out our latest article contributed by Rockpique talking Eddie Van Halen and his guitars... er... um... I mean his shoes. (And his guitars too).  Check it out.
  • Dark Horse Comics has announced a new Terminator comic book series coming this Summer.  Terminator: Sector War will be written by Brian Wood.  
  • Today's When It Was Cool Podcast Network audio show is DragonKing Dark Episode 107.  It is a great jumping on point for new or lapsed fans as it is the first of a two part series on the fall of society and war against us by those who are just trying to cause problems.  Today's show is called "Contrarians are Ruining Society" and it takes on trolls.  Next week is probably one of the best shows we've ever done titled "The Problem is You".  You can stream or download the show for free - here.

News contributions from: Karl Stern (@WIWCool), Rockpique (@rockpique)

Yesterday's News Update- here.

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