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Date: 04/06/2018

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Top Stories:

  • Larry Hama did an interview with the Washington Post that makes Aubrey Sitterson's ridiculous debacle at G.I. Joe look even more stupid in hindsight.  The article is titled, "G. I. Joe’s’ Latina Snake Eyes is a hit with fans and her creator" and raves about the G.I. Joe comic book and what Hama is doing with the characters.  In other words, it wasn't fans that were awful it was Aubrey Sitterson's creative direction. Knowing is half the battle.
  • According to CBR there will be yet another Marvel Comics "Fresh Start" this summer and to simplify things they will be putting more numbers on the cover. Good grief.
  • According to Newsarama, Spider-Man will be going back to his black costume for a while starting in issue 800.
  • Today's When It Was Cool Network podcast is a Patreon exclusive talking about NJPW veteran wrestler and multi-time IWGP World champion Yuji Nagata.  This show was a Patreon requested show.

News contributions from: Karl Stern (@WIWCool)

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