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A Message to When It Was Cool Readers & Listeners

By:  Karl Stern (@wiwcool, @dragonkingkarl,

Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy lives and schedules to read this.  I humbly and gratefully thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of the When It Was Cool website and podcast so far.  It has been a dream of both my wife and I to run a fun, retro website dealing with some of the things we enjoy and share them with you like toys, music, and more.

Building this website has been a challenge.  I used to be fairly good with coding, html, and the like but the internet has really changed since I last messed around under the hood.  I have built this website myself and have had to learn and master all the stuff that goes along with it.  It has also come as no minor financial challenge either.

My wife and I aren't a big company or corporation.  We are a simple middle-class family and I have been funding the start-up out of my own pocket and the kind WONDERFUL Patreon supporters and those who have given one time contributions here and there.

But now I have to get serious.  I have paid out of pocket the necessary legal fees to get all our trademarks up and going, register domain names, and pay for the hosting services.  Many of these fees were one time situations (like registrations and such) but the bills are coming due.  We are, in no uncertain terms, in a crunch.  We need help.

Make no mistake, I am keeping this site running and I am building it into what I believe it can be- a really fun, retro, website with an amazing podcast network.  But again, we need help.

Now I wouldn't ask or expect a handout.  I have put together a really nice Patreon package for supporters who can get digital comic books, eBooks, podcasts, early access to articles, and anything else of value I can think of.  I promise, you will find value in becoming a supporter.  We need your help now, and I promise you won't be hit up with more membership drives or anything like that.  

Thank you.  And if you become a supporter today you get to download all the stuff that has already been put up for your membership level.  So again, thank you and please take a look at our Patreon page.

Karl & Tonya