The Greatest Kayfabe Tournament:  Round One. Match Three. Chris Jericho vs. Superstar Billy Graham

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

Chris Jericho.jpg


Superstar Billy Graham.jpg

Today continues a new finite podcast series that will air here (on Patreon) and at Wrestling Observer from Karl Stern- The Greatest Kayfabe Wrestling Tournament. This is a fictional 64 man single elimination tournament that asks the question "What if these wrestlers were real? Who would win?"

This is not a "shoot" fight, nor an argument over who the best "worker" is. This tournament is about what we started watching wrestling for to begin with - Could Chris Jericho the character defeat Superstar Billy Graham the character in a wrestling match? Round One... Match Three... Chris Jericho (circa 2001) WWE Undisputed Champion vs. Superstar Billy Graham (circa 1977) WWWF Champion.  Will it be a Lion Tamer submission or a Bear Hug?  The fans decided, now join Karl Stern as he talks about these two icons of pro wrestling and what would happen if these two met in our fictional Greatest Kayfabe Tournament!

The winner was determined by a poll on Karl's Twitter account @dragonkingkarl.  Follow Karl on Twitter to vote on future match-ups and help determine the winner!


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