Gruesome Magazine Announces Indiegogo Campaign for Its Independent Horror Film Quarterly Print Edition    

By Joseph Perry (@JosephWPerryJWP)

When It Was Cool’s Joseph Perry is also part of the horror movie website Gruesome Magazine (, where publisher Doc Rotten and his Grue-Crew are launching a new print and digital quarterly magazine. The project is currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to get the first issues out the door and into readers’ hands.

The quarterly Gruesome Magazine print edition focuses on new independent horror features, horror film festivals, and the casts and crews who create them. The magazine will be the go-to source for information on cutting-edge horror. The IndieGoGo campaign will support getting the first issues out the door and into readers’ hands.

For the debut issue, Joseph interviews Mexican director Isaac Ezban, whose The Similars — a fun, highly stylized valentine to The Twilight Zone and classic science fiction cinema — is tailor made for When It Was Cool followers who have a soft spot for old-school fright fare. The Similars was part of Joseph’s My Top Recommendations from 2016 for When It Was Cool Readers article ( “This gorgeously lensed black-and-white tale of paranoia set in a rural Mexican bus station on a terrifically stormy night blends suspense, chills, and absurdity. Ezban’s sometimes surreal, sometimes humorous, always jaw-dropping and fun sophomore motion picture is a work of art that deserves the widest audience possible.”

There’s plenty more on hand from other members of the Grue-Crew (many of whom are also part of the Horror News Radio family of podcasts), including more interviews, features about horror film festivals, looks at feature-length and short films currently on the film festival circuit and ones soon to be on it. When It Was Cool followers will be happy to know that reviews of some older cult horror movies are also slated for the magazine. 

Check out the campaign page at and have a look at some of the outstanding perks for contributors, including signed first copies, sketch cover variants, stickers and magnets, and more. The campaign ends on April 3rd.

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