Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1943

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)


01-14-1943: Lee Wyckoff defeats Ed “Strangler” Lewis for the Midwest title in Kansas City.

01-23-1943: John Pesek defeats Ed “Strangler” Lewis for the Ohio Midwest title in Columbus, OH.

02-18-1943: Orville Brown wins his fourth Midwest title from Lee Wyckoff in Kansas City.

02-19-1943: Bill Longson defeats Bobby Managoff in St. Louis, MO for the National Wrestling Association world title. Managoff disputes the decision and bills himself as World champion on at least one occasion afterward.

02-20-1943: Kanji “Antonio” Inoki is born in Yokohama, Japan.

02-22-1943: Bobby Managoff defends a version of the World title in Texas based on his controversial loss to Bill Longson on February 19. He leaves Texas and disclaims the world title.

04-26-1943: Gorilla Ramos defeats Billy Varga for the World lightweight title in Hollywood, CA.

05-18-1943: Jimmy Snuka is born.

06-1943: Pinkie George, promoter out of Des Moines, IA, gives recognition to Ed Virag’s “National Wrestling Alliance” World title.

09-10-1943: “Superstar” Billy Graham (Eldridge Wayne Coleman) is born.

09-22-1943: Ole Anderson (Al Rogowski) is born.

10-11-1943: Wild Red Berry defeats Gorilla Ramos for the World lightweight title in Hollywood, CA.

10-22-1943: Pedro Morales is born.

10-24-1943: Bill Dundee (William Crookshankes) is born.

11-1943: Ray Steele begins being billed as “National Wrestling Alliance” World champion by Pinkie George in Des Moines. Steele may have defeated Ed Virag there to win the title.

12-03-1943: Swedish Angel (Phil Olofson) defeats Orville Brown for the Midwest title in Kansas City.

12-09-1943: Orville Brown wins the Midwest title from the Swedish Angel (Phil Olofson) in Kansas City.

12-27-1943: Bill Eadie (Masked Superstar / Demolition Ax) is born.

Gray Mask (unknown) defeats Wild Red Berry for the World lightweight title in Hollywood, CA.

Orville Brown.jpg

Orville Brown

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