Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1962

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)


01-09-1962: Mr. M (Bill Miller) defeats Verne Gagne in Minneapolis, MN to win the AWA World heavyweight title.

01-11-1962: Johnny Valentine & Bob Ellis defeat The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) for the WWWF U.S. tag team titles in Washington DC.

01-15-1962: Larry Hennig & Duke Hoffman win a tournament final over Ivan & Nikita Kalmikoff to win the vacant AWA World tag team titles.

01-22-1962: At New York’s Madison Square Garden in front of a reported 20,777 fans, Buddy Rogers & Bob Orton defeated Bearcat Wright & Johnny Valentine. Also on the show Giant Baba & Mr. Suzuki defeated Bruno Sammartino & Argentine Apollo.

01-26-1962: The Assassins (Jody Hamilton & Tom Renesto) defeated Eddie Graham & Dick Steinborn for the U.S. tag team titles in Atlanta, GA.

03-04-1962: Don Leo Jonathan defeated Killer Kowalski for the Ohio based AWA/MWA title.

03-17-1962: Eddie Graham wins a tournament in Tampa, FL to win the Southern heavyweight title.

03-28-1962: Rikidozan defeated Fred Blassie for the WWA World heavyweight title at the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium.

03-29-1962: Don Curtis & Joe Scarpa win the Florida version of the NWA World tag team titles from Kurt & Karl Von Brauner in Jacksonville, FL.

04-10-1962: Jack Herman who once managed Frank Gotch, Stanislaus Zbyszko, and Ed Don George, dies at the age of 92.

04-20-1962: Former wrestler Joe Malcewicz dies at his home in San Francisco, CA.

04-27-1962: Dick Beyer wrestles his first match under the mask of The Destroyer defeating Seymour King in San Diego, CA. The Destroyer became, along with El Santo, one of the most famous masked wrestlers of all time.

Ray Gunkle & Bob Ellis defeat The Assassins (Jody Hamilton & Tom Renesto) for the U.S. tag team titles in Atlanta.

05-18-1962: The Mummy (Benji Ramirez) wins the Texas title from Dory Dixon in Houston.

05-24-1962: Eddie Graham is forced to vacate the Southern title (FL) when he is injured by Boris Malenko in Jacksonville, FL.

05-25-1962: Rikidozan defeats Lou Thesz in Tokyo to win the annual JWA World League Tournament.

06-02-1962: Dick the Bruiser wins his fourth U.S. title over Wilbur Snyder in Detroit.

07-05-1962: Buddy Rogers & Johnny Barend defeat Johnny Valentine & Bob Ellis for the WWWF U.S. tag team titles in Washington, DC. Arnold Skaaland had substituted for Ellis in the first fall of the match until Ellis arrived.

The Assassins (Tom Renesto & Jody Hamilton) win the Florida version of the NWA World tag team titles from Don Curtis & Joe Scarpa in Jacksonville.

07-09-1962: Don & Luke Fields win the Southern tag team titles from Mephisto & Dante in Memphis, TN.

07-20-1962: Danny Hodge pins Lou Thesz in a best of three falls match.

07-23-1962: Killer Kowalski wins his 12th Montreal AWA title defeating Johnny Rougeau.

07-25-1962: Fred Blassie defeats Rikidozan for the WWA World title in Los Angeles, CA but injures his leg in the process.

Boris Malenko is awarded the Southern (FL) heavyweight title.

Tiger Conway defeats Tex Brady in Houston, TX for the World Negro title.

07-27-1962: The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) defeats the injured Fred Blassie for the WWA World title in San Diego, CA.

George & Sandy Scott win the Indianapolis AWA tag team titles from Art & Stan Neilson.

07-31-1962: Fritz Von Erich wins the Omaha version of the AWA World heavyweight title from Verne Gagne.

08-02-1962: Bruno Sammartino defeats NWA World heavyweight champion Buddy Rogers in Toronto, Canada but refuses to accept the title due to an injury to Rogers.

08-04-1962: Lord Athol Layton wins the NWA U.S. title from Dick the Bruiser.

08-21-1962: Verne Gagne defeats Mr. M (Bill Miller) to regain the AWA World heavyweight title in Minneapolis, MN. Gagne turns Mr. M’s mask around backwards thus blinding him and pins him for the win. Following the title loss, Mr. M unmasks himself.

08-25-1962: Verne Gagne wins the Omaha version of the AWA World title defeating Fritz Von Erich.

08-30-1962: Great Malenko (Boris) & Russian Crusher defeat The Kentuckians and Len Montana & Mike Paidousis in a three man tournament in Jacksonville, FL to win the Florida version of the NWA World tag team titles.

09-01-1962: An out of the ring fight occurs between NWA World champion Buddy Rogers and Karl Gotch. Gotch was allegedly upset with Buddy Rogers over booking for Al Haft’s promotion and confronts Roger’s in the dressing room. While Rogers tries to escape, Bill Miller slams the door to the dressing room shut on Buddy Rogers arm breaking it.

09-03-1962: Karl Gotch & Bill Miller turn themselves into the Franklin County, OH Sheriff’s department on charges of assault filed by Buddy Rogers. Gotch & Miller each post a $25 bond and are released.

09-14-1962: Karl Krauser (AKA: Karl Gotch) wins the MWA title from Don Leo Jonathan in Columbus, OH.

10-04-1962: Mad Dog Vachon defeats Luther Lindsay in Portland, OR for the Pacific Northwest title.

11-07-1962: The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) defeats Gorgeous George in a hair verses mask match in Los Angeles, CA. George is shaved bald. This would be Gorgeous George’s last match.

11-13-1962: Jackie Fargo & Tex Riley defeated The Medics for the Tennessee tag team titles.

11-16-1962: Pat O’Connor defeats Lee Henning in St. Joseph. MO for the Central States title.

11-21-1962: Killer Kowalski defeats Buddy Rogers in Montreal, Canada when Roger’s breaks his ankle during the first fall of a three fall match. Kowalski apparently wins the NWA World heavyweight title. However, the NWA rules that the match was a best of three falls match and rules it a no contest. Kowalski was billed in some areas as world champion after this match.

11-22-1962: Kurt & Karl Von Brauner wins the Indianapolis version of the AWA tag team titles over Art & Stan Neilson. The Indianapolis area almost entirely put the tag team titles on “brother” or “father and son” tag teams. Up to this point the titles had been held also by Roy & Ray Shire (Ray AKA Ray Stevens), Chris & John Tolos, Red & Lou Bastien (Lou AKA Lou Klein), Art & Stan Neilson, and George & Sandy Scott. In 1963 Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff would also hold the titles.

12-16-1962: The team of “Mr. High & Mr. Low” Doug Gilbert & Dick Steinborn win the AWA World tag team titles from Art & Stan Neilson.

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Verne Gagne

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