Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1968

By: Karl Stern


01-12-1968: Jim Hady dies.

Bobo Brazil defeats Buddy Austin for the WWA World title in Los Angeles, CA.

08-17-1968: Dr. X (Dick Beyer) defeats Verne Gagne for the AWA World heavyweight title in Bloomington, MN.

08-31-1968: Verne Gagne regains the AWA World heavyweight title from Dr. X (Dick Beyer) in Minneapolis, MN. This would begin a seven year run as AWA World champion for Verne Gagne.

10-01-1968: WWA drops recognition of their own world heavyweight title and recognize the NWA World heavyweight title and Gene Kiniski as world champion. A match between NWA World heavyweight champion Gene Kiniski and the last WWA World champion, Bobo Brazil is set for December.

12-18-1968: Gene Kiniski defeats Bobo Brazil, the last WWA World champion, to regain the title in Los Angeles.

12-19-1968: Billy Robinson defeats Toyonobori in the finals of an eleven man tournament in Okayama, Japan to become the first IWA World champion.

Verne Gagne vs Dr. X AWA.jpg

Verne Gagne vs Dr. X (Dick Beyer)

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