When It Was Cool takes on Mental Health and Mental Health advocasy.

By: Karl & Tonya from When It Was Cool (@wiwcool, @tonya111478karl@whenitwascool.com)

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Mental health is an important topic to us here at When It Was Cool because it directly impacts our household.  Tonya from When It Was Cool has battled mental health issues for many years, particularly clinical depression, anxiety disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder.  Through her struggles and treatment for mental health disorders we have come to learn a lot about this illness that often clusters up on sufferers making diagnosis and treatment more difficult than expected.

On this special free audio podcast we discuss what mental health issues are (they are a legitimate sickness not "crazy"), the stigma attached to them (that is why Tonya is open concerning her illness), and how to navigate the treatment options available.  Karl discusses what it is like to live with someone who suffers from mental illness and what you should and should not do to try and help.

Knowledge is power.  Please feel free to download, stream, or share this special free show.  When It Was Cool is all about retro fun and nostalgia so if you came to this page via a search engine or social media then understand that we are not licensed professionals.  We are sharing our personal experience and nothing we say should supersede the advice of a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist, and if you are in crisis please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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