Mummy Mask - Power Commandos G.I. Joe Knock-off Action Figure Review.

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

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Mummy Mask is a 3.75 inch G.I. Joe scale action figure released in discount stores as part of a line of toys called Power Commandos.  I have found two different dates for Power Commandos- 1988 and 1993.  I had these when I was younger and I am positive mine were from 1988 and now have a complete set but dated 1993 from an apparent separate release.  These are clearly G.I. Joe inspired action figures and are almost perfectly to scale with 1980s G.I. Joes.

Since we are celebrating all things Halloween with #MonsterMonth here at When It Was Cool, I decided to focus on a really cool action figure from this line up called Mummy Mask.

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Mummy Mask came in a two pack with Metal Hawk.  The Power Commandos (with the hilariously ridiculous tag line "Those Guys From the Other Galaxy") came in two cliques- "heroic" and "terror".  Or "good guys" or "bad guys" I suppose.  Mummy Mask was, appropriately, part of the "Terror" faction.  Among his accessories are an axe and a gun.

Photo Sep 29, 3 14 15 PM.jpg

Power Commandos also came with knock off G.I. Joe File Cards called "Power Commandos Files".  Mummy Mask is listed as a "Master of Disguise" and his card states that no one has ever seen his "true identity".  Like most of the Power Commando file cards, this one is full of misspellings and awkward English.  Mummy Mask is also, apparently afraid of both water and fire.

Photo Sep 29, 3 13 31 PM.jpg

The Power Commandos are scaled almost perfectly with classic era G.I. Joe figures (here Gung-Ho from G.I. Joe is seen with Mummy Mask) though the Power Commandos are made from somewhat inferior plastic.  Also, they have peg holes on the bottom of their feet but G.I. Joe figure stands for classic era figures are too small for the Power Commandos.

Photo Sep 29, 3 15 32 PM.jpg

Mummy Mask is seen here beside the classic Universal Mummy action figure.

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