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Podcast of the Week - G.I. Joburg

By:  Karl Stern (@wiwcool, @dragonkingkarl,

 When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 10, 2016 - G.I. Joburg

When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 10, 2016 - G.I. Joburg

In addition to our retro, classic, and nostalgic content at When It Was Cool, we also cover the podcasting industry.  When It Was Cool Podcast host Karl Stern has been involved in podcasting since before the term even existed with internet audio dating back to the 1990's.  Karl hosts, not only the When It Was Cool Podcast with his wife Tonya, but also the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show and DragonKing Dark podcasts.

Every week we will pick a podcast we love.  There is no criteria to meet.  No special requirements.  Only that we like the podcast.  We haven't spoken to the winners in advance nor do they know what we are going to say about them.  This week Karl Stern picks G.I. Joburg as the Podcast of the Week.

 G.I. Joburg

G.I. Joburg

Obviously, we here at When It Was Cool love G.I. Joe.  I have collected G.I. Joe action figures since the 3.75 inch figures hit the shelves in 1982.  So it should stand to reason that I also like to listen to podcasts dealing with G.I. Joe.  My favorite G.I. Joe related podcast right now continues to be G.I. Joburg.  

I am a fan of other fans.  I love to listen to people who have an honest passion about something.  Again, like I said last week, there is value in critiques but there is also value and entertainment in listening to people who really love and understand something sit around and talk about it with their friends.  This is where G.I. Joburg continues to excel. 

Rob, Paul, and Steve have a tremendous chemistry and a genuine passion for collecting G.I. Joe toys and action figures.  The fact that they live in Johannesburg, South Africa is pretty cool since G.I. Joe is, of course, A Real AMERICAN Hero.  To see this ideal transcend to a fan base in Africa is a testament to the appeal of these little green army men.

I think I have heard every episode of the G.I. Joburg podcast to date and you would be doing yourself a tremendous favor by adding them to your podcast rotation.  They are found on iTunes, Podbean, and all the usual places you would expect to find them.  They also are making some tremendous videos on YouTube as well.  

We are pleased to honor G.I. Joburg as the When It Was Cool Podcast of the Week.

You can follow G.I. Joburg on Twitter @gijoburg

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