Podcast of the Week - Between the Sheets Wrestling

By:  Karl Stern (@wiwcool, @dragonkingkarl, karl@whenitwascool.com)

Every week the When It Was Cool website picks a podcast we love and name them Podcast of the Week.  We do not contact them in advance nor do they know they are being chosen.  There is no criteria to meet other than we listen to their show and enjoy it.  Not all shows we choose are 100% clean or family friendly so be sure to read their descriptions if you are concerned with such things.

 When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 18, 2016 - Between the Sheets wrestling

When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 18, 2016 - Between the Sheets wrestling

I am best known as a wrestling historian and gatherer of statistics about pro wrestling.  Now you might think that is not such a big deal and I suppose in the overall scheme of world events it isn't but my work has gotten me published by ESPN, the Los Angeles Times, Fox News, and dragged into the middle of a lawsuit between a group of wrestlers and the defunct wrestling company WCW.

However, for all my wrestling history "knowledge" and "stat collecting" ability I humbly bow in subjection to Kris Zellner and David Bixenspan (AKA: Bix)

I imagine many of the people who ultimately come upon When It Was Cool came here originally after listening to my DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show for years at WrestlingObserver.com so you might very well already be a fan of pro wrestling and perhaps even a fan of classic pro wrestling.  If either are the case then the Between the Sheets podcast is for you in every way shape and form.

Now before I went and typed a term like "between the sheets" into a search engine I'd use caution.  You might want to add "wrestling" to that... or not.  Anyway, "sheet" is an insider wrestling term referring to pro wrestling newsletter like the impeccable Wrestling Observer (in total disclosure I work for them) and the title, I presume, refers to them covering wrestling news between or in greater detail than the wrestling "sheets".  With that out of the way- 

There is literally nothing not to love about Kris Zellner and David Bixenspan talking about pro wrestling.  Recently, they were even joined by internet and Twitter legend - @TheFrayMovement

Now don't be shocked by the length of the shows.  I think only Dan Carlin of Hardcore History does a longer podcast.  The shows often run for multiple hours but we wrestling fans are of hardy stock and if you can endure three hours of WWE Raw on a Monday night then listening to Kris & David talk about the entire wrestling world for a few hours is nothing.

I honestly can't praise Kris & David enough.  I am always awed by something I read from Bix (@davidbix).  The amount of detailed research he puts into everything he does is astonishing.  I wouldn't hesitate for one second to use him as a source as I thoroughly trust his work.

Kris Zellner (@KrisZellner on Twitter) is a true blessing to those of us who want to preserve pro wrestling history. The videos he has uploaded to his YouTube channel and his Exile on Badstreet podcasts are essential to any wrestling historian.

It is my honor to name Between the Sheets as the When It Was Cool Podcast of the Week.

Direct link to their webpage- https://soundcloud.com/btspod

I encourage you to support them on Patreon- https://exit.sc/?url=http%3A%2F%2FPatreon.com%2FBetweenTheSheets

Also subscribe to them here - http://feeds.feedburner.com/btsheets