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By:  Karl Stern (@wiwcool, @dragonkingkarl, karl@whenitwascool.com)

Every week the When It Was Cool website picks a podcast we love and name them Podcast of the Week.  We do not contact them in advance nor do they know they are being chosen.  There is no criteria to meet other than we listen to their show and enjoy it.  Not all shows we choose are 100% clean or family friendly so be sure to read their descriptions if you are concerned with such things.

 When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 27, 2016 - Weekly Comics Spotlight

When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 27, 2016 - Weekly Comics Spotlight

I have listened to the Comic Book Page Weekly Comics Spotlight with John Mayo for years.  I don't recall what episode the Weekly Comics Spotlight was on when I first started but I have easily been listening to them since the shows were in the 100's and they are currently up to 483... so it's been a while.

 Weekly comics spotlight

Weekly comics spotlight

During that time John Mayo has been a constant.  Originally, he was with a different co-host when I started listening- Bob Bretall of the "world's largest comic book collection" fame.  Maybe I'm wrong, but Mayo and Bretall seemed to me at times to have a contentious, adversarial relationship.  I found it interesting that they often disagreed on the three comics a week they rated and reviewed.  

Sometime back, Bretall left the show and was replaced "Drew" (no last name given that I've ever heard) who is a pleasant comic book reader who, by his own admission, had dropped out of comic books for a while.  Mayo and Drew have been together for a while now and have a marvelous chemistry.  While they don't always agree on the books, they do have a sense of respect for each others opinions.

As you probably know by now because I mention it on every Podcast of the Week article- I am a fan of fans.  I love sitting in on a conversation between people that really care about what they are talking about.  I really get that sense with Weekly Comics Spotlight.  Even when they hate a book I get the feeling that they wish that wasn't the case.  They don't just criticize a comic for the sake of criticism.  They genuinely want to like the books they review and I love that.

Each week they review three books- one from DC and one from Marvel and one from another publisher.  They talk about other books also but three get the in-depth treatment.  I have picked up quite a few books over the years based on their conversations.  

The When It Was Cool Podcast of the Week honors go to the Weekly Comics Spotlight with John Mayo.

Direct link to their webpage- http://comicbookpage.com

Weekly Comics Spotlight iTunes feed- itpc://www.comicbookpage.com/Podcast/?feed=rss2