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Podcast of the Week - Comic Conversations

By:  Karl Stern (@wiwcool, @dragonkingkarl,

 When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 3, 2016- comic conversations

When It Was Cool podcast of the week november 3, 2016- comic conversations

In addition to our retro, classic, and nostalgic content at When It Was Cool, we also cover the podcasting industry.  When It Was Cool Podcast host Karl Stern has been involved in podcasting since before the term even existed with internet audio dating back to the 1990's.  Karl hosts, not only the When It Was Cool Podcast with his wife Tonya, but also the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show and DragonKing Dark podcasts.

Every week we will pick a podcast we love.  There is no criteria to meet.  No special requirements.  Only that we like the podcast.  We haven't spoken to the winners in advance nor do they know what we are going to say about them.  This week Karl Stern picks Comic Conversations as his Podcast of the Week.

It's no secret I have been a fan of the Comic Conversations podcast for years.  I listen to a lot of comic book podcasts and enjoy quite a few but consistently I have enjoyed Comic Conversations probably more than any of them.

Many (if not most) comic book podcasts get dragged down into industry talk.  They get bogged down talking about artists, writers, shipping schedules, and the inside mechanics of the comic book business.  While there is value in that, there is also value in just being a fan and talking about comic books and that is what Comic Conversations does extremely well.  It is comic book fans sitting around having a conversation about comic books and you are sitting in on it.

They also don't get bogged down talking about artsy indie comics that virtually no one has ever heard of.  Obviously, good quality comics deserve coverage and conversation, it is not necessarily entertaining to listen in on a conversation about a comic book that literally only a couple thousand people in the entire United States has read.  Comic Conversations sticks mostly to mainstream comics and I usually find their insights pretty similar to mine.

Tony & Alex who host the show, have a really good chemistry behind the mic.  They are currently hosted at which also covers MMA and... well... a diverse assortment of other things.  

You can follow Comic Conversations on Twitter @acomicpodcast

And you can listen to their latest podcast here-