April 4, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

When It Was Cool continues our series looking at the promotion I grew up watching- Ron Fuller's NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling (which becomes Continental Wrestling in the summer of 1985).  If you missed the last episode click here.

Last week's show left us with some unanswered questions: What happened to Paul Orndorff as a team mate for Jerry Stubbs and who is the Georgia Jawjacker (it's Bob Armstrong but nothing was explained.)  Maybe this week we get some answers.

Paul Orndorff comes out to the desk and says he will accept Mr. Saito's arm wrestling challenge from last week.

Our first match is in the ring:  Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) verses Charles Odom & Brad Armstrong.  Condrey & Rose win in a match that seemed longer than it should have been.  I've never understood why almost every week Southeastern has a name brand star like Brad Armstrong team up with an enhancement worker to get squashed but they do it frequently and will continue to do it for years to come.

After the match Rose & Condrey attack Brad and set him for an assisted piledriver off the top rope.  Of course, Bob Armstrong comes out for the save.

We then see video of Bob Armstrong against Mr. Saito from one of the arenas.  It turns into a Mr. Saito & Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey against Bob & Brad Armstrong brawl.

We now get the hype promo for the upcoming Monday night show at Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium:  Ron Fuller verses Jimmy Golden in a Southern Street fight, Ron Bass verses Ken Lucas for the NWA Southeastern title, Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey defend the NWA Southeastern tag team titles against Bob & Brad Armstrong in a tornado tag team rules match, Mr. Saito defends the NWA Alabama title against Paul Orndorff, Jerry Stubbs verses Stan Lane.

Dueling interviews with Bob & Brad Armstrong & Paul Orndorff and Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey & Mr. Saito.

Jerry Stubbs is interviewed by Charlie Platt.  Looks like Stubbs has been moved out of the feud with Rose & Condrey and back into the chase for the NWA World Junior heavyweight title of Les Thornton.

We then see Jerry Stubbs against Les Thornton for the NWA World Junior title.  Stubbs keeps saying he is a two time NWA World Junior champion but I only know of once earlier this year.  

The NWA U.S. Junior champion Stan Lane comes out and confronts Jerry Stubbs.  This is the beginning of the angle that will ultimately lead to the birth of Mr. Olympia in a few weeks.  

We go to the ring where Stan Lane has challenged him to a match.

Stan Lane verses Jerry Stubbs.  Lane jumps Stubbs as soon as he gets into the ring.  They have a good match until ultimately both men brawl out of the ring and are counted out.

Charlie Platt interview with Ron Fuller. We see highlights of Ron against Jimmy from one of the arenas.

Our next match up is:  Robert Gibson verses Ted Allen.  A real good back and forth match between the two.  Robert Gibson, however, comes out with the win.

Ron Bass interview.  We get video of Ron Bass against Ken Lucas from the arena.  

Ken Lucas interview.

Paul Orndorff is back out to accept Mr. Saito's arm wrestling challenge.  Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Mr. Saito set up a table in the ring so it looks like we are about to get under way.

Of course it ends with Mr. Saito chopping Paul Orndorff in the head and a beat down begins.  It turns into a brawl with just about everybody on the show involved. Orndorff is left bloody.

It appears that there isn't a Boutwell Auditorium show this week as the next show is April 13th so they are skipping 6th show.

Ron Fuller and Paul Orndorff interview.

Les and Charlie wrap up the show.  A pretty uneventful episode aside from the arm wrestling match.  Also, no Georgia Jawjacker follow up.


April 4, 1981 (Television Show): Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher hosts... Paul Orndorff accepts arm wrestling challenge... Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) defeated Brad Armstrong & Charles Odom... Bob Armstrong saves Brad Armstrong from attack by Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose...Bob & Brad Armstrong battle Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Mr. Saito from the arena... Interviews with Bob & Brad Armstrong & Paul Orndorff and Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey & Mr. Saito...  Jerry Stubbs interview... Video of Jerry Stubbs against Les Thornton... Stan Lane battles Jerry Stubbs to a double count out... Ron Fuller interview with highlights against Jimmy Golden... Robert Gibson defeated Ted Allen... Ron Bass interview and video verses Ken Lucas from the arena...Ken Lucas interview... Mr. Saito arm wrestling match against Paul Orndorff... Big brawl with just about everyone on the show... Ron Fuller & Paul Orndorff and Jimmy Golden interview... (Referee: Bruce Sorrenson)

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