April 11, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

When It Was Cool continues our series looking at the promotion I grew up watching- Ron Fuller's NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling (which becomes Continental Wrestling in the summer of 1985).  If you missed the last episode click here.


Unfortunately, we only have about twenty-minutes worth of this show but let's see what's on it.  Last week about the only think noteworthy was the Mr. Saito verses Paul Orndorff arm wrestling angle.  We join this show with a match in the ring.

Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) verses Ken Lucas & Ray Harris.  Lucas had been the Southeastern champion but doesn't have the belt here and Charlie Platt and Les Thatcher tell us that Ron Bass will be defending the title later on the show so Bass has defeated Lucas somewhere during the last week.

Ken Lucas starts off against Randy Rose and have a good little exchange.  I'm sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is doing the job in this match.  Yep.  Randy Rose pins Ray Harris clean in the middle.

Bob & Brad Armstrong are out to the desk for an interview.  We get to see video of Bob & Brad against Condrey & Rose from the arena.  Of course there is interference from Mr. Saito and a save from Paul Orndorff.  There was no Birmingham Boutwell show last week so they promos are all still about essentially the same matches.

Les Thatcher presides over dueling interviews with Bob & Brad Armstrong and Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose talking about the upcoming tornado tag team match.  Randy Rose must be high on something because he does one jakked up interview this week.

We go to the ring for an NWA Southeastern heavyweight title match:  Ron Bass (Champion) verses Roy Lee Welch.  The match in the ring turns into a back drop for a fight breaking out at the desk between Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden.  Bass bails out on the match to attack Ron Fuller which brings Ken Lucas out to the rescue.  Pretty soon everybody is out and fighting including Stan Lane, Jerry Stubbs, Paul Orndorff, and Mr. Saito.  We go to commercial break with a big brawl going on.

We get the run down for the Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium card coming up Monday night:  Ron Fuller verses Jimmy Golden in a Southern Street Fight match, Ron Bass defends the NWA Southeastern title against Ken Lucas, Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose defend the NWA Southeastern tag team titles against Bob & Brad Armstrong in a tornado tag team match, Mr. Saito defends the NWA Alabama title against Paul Orndorff, Jerry Stubbs verses Stan Lane, Bearcat Brown (no idea) verses The Demon (spelled right this week.) 

Les Thatcher conducts an interview that's taped out of sequence and we learn that Paul Orndorff has won the NWA Alabama title from Mr. Saito at one of the arena shows.  Ron Fuller is also at the desk.  We get a remote interview from Jimmy Golden and Mr. Saito.

Charlie and Les wrap up the show.

April 11, 1981 (Television Show): Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher hosts... PARTIAL SHOW RESULTS.. Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) defeated Ken Lucas & Ray Harris... Bob & Brad Armstrong interview... Bob & Brad Armstrong and Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose interview.....Ron Bass goes to a no contest with Roy Lee Welch...Huge brawl involving Jimmy Golden, Ron Fuller, Ron Bass, Ken Lucas, Stan Lane, Jerry Stubbs, Mr. Saito, and Paul Orndorff...  Les Thatcher interviews Paul Orndorff and Ron Fuller and we learn that Orndorff has won the NWA Alabama title somewhere...  (Referee: Larry Brock)

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