May 2, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

When It Was Cool continues our series looking at the promotion I grew up watching- Ron Fuller's NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling (which becomes Continental Wrestling in the summer of 1985).  If you missed the last episode click here.

Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher welcome us into the show and today the show is focusing on tag team wrestling.  One of the focuses of the show for the last few months (and will continue for months to come) is Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey.  Eventually, they would become known as the Midnight Express but at this point they aren't yet going by that name.  In 1988 they would reunite and become the AWA World tag team champions but at this point they are dominating the NWA Southeastern area.

Charlie Platt announces that this is Les Thatcher's last week as co-host of the program.  They don't say where Thatcher is leaving to or why.  I am watching this episode out of order and I think I commented on a future show I wasn't sure when or why Les Thatcher left but now I know when.

Mr. Saito - Alabama champion

Mr. Saito - Alabama champion

Bob & Brad Armstrong come out for an interview.  Bob is on crutches so he has been injured since last week.  We see video tape from the cage match hyped last week and Bob Armstrong gets his knee injured.  Brad & Bob Armstrong won the NWA Southeastern tag team titles but have had to vacate them due to Bob's injury.  

Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose tied Bob's leg to the top of the steel cage and repeatedly jumped on him.  Pretty inventive actually.

Bob Armstrong explains that the NWA Southeastern tag team titles are going to be put up in a tournament and taking his place teaming with Brad will be The Shadow (Norvell Austin) who now returns under a mask again.  Norvell Austin had been put out of action previously by Rose & Condrey.

The first match is in the ring:  Brad Armstrong & The Shadow (Norvell Austin) verses Joe Turner & The Superstar.  It's my favorite generic jobber The Superstar.  Of course, this match was just a showcase for the new team of Brad Armstrong & The Shadow.

We now get the hype graphics for the upcoming show at Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium show:  Tournament for the NWA Southeastern tag team titles:  Ron & Robert Fuller verses Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass, Brad Armstrong & Ken Lucas (?) verses Mr. Saito & Stan Lane, Jerry Stubbs & Bearcat Brown verses Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose.

I think it's safe to say Jerry Stubbs & Bearcat Brown are your underdogs in this tournament.  Also, I have no idea why Ken Lucas was announced as Brad's partner unless that was taped before The Shadow angle or unless something changes later in the program and that was a spoiler.

No we get Les Thatcher interviewing Brad Armstrong & KEN LUCAS managed by Bob Armstrong and also Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose.  Yes, I'm confused too.

Next match up:  Stan Lane & Mr. Saito verses Roy Lee Welch & Burrhead Jones.  Obviously, a showcase for the team of Stan Lane & Mr. Saito who win.

It's amazing looking back at these 1981 episodes that in less than ten years there would be an AWA World heavyweight (Mr. Saito) and AWA World tag team (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose) wrestling weekly on these shows.  Stan Lane gets the cover on Jones for the win.

Mr. Saito & Stan Lane now come to the desk to provide commentary on video tape of Mr. Saito against Paul Orndorff where Saito wins the NWA Alabama title.

Bob & Brad Armstrong interview. 

Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose interview.

Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass interview.

Mr. Saito & Stan Lane interview.

Next match in the ring:  Ken Lucas & Jerry Stubbs verses Ron Maxwell & Don Carson.  We haven't seen Don Carson much lately.  Jerry Stubbs gets the pin on Maxwell for the win.

Lucas & Stubbs come out to the desk for an interview.  We watch video of Ken Lucas winning the NWA Southeastern title from Ron Bass.  

Stan Lane & Mr. Saito interview and also Jerry Stubbs.

Next match in the ring:  Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass verses Ron Fuller & Burrhead Jones.  Robert Fuller was supposed to team with brother Ron but hasn't shown up so they drag poor Burrhead out to do double duty.  Well, they stuff piledrive Burrhead about 10 seconds into the match and Burrhead heads back to the dressing room and goes at it alone now.  It turns into a two on one beat down and the referee gets thrown too for the DQ.

At the last possible moment, Robert Fuller arrives and hits the ring in street clothes.

Ron & Robert Fuller promo followed by words from Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass.  The four then break out into a wild brawl.

May 1, 1981 (Television Show): Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher hosts... Bob & Brad Armstrong interview and video of steel cage match against Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose... The Shadow (Norvell Austin) returns... Brad Armstrong & The Shadow (Norvell Austin) defeated Joe Turner & The Superstar...Interviews with Bob & Brad Armstrong & Ken Lucas and Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose... Mr. Saito & Stan Lane defeated Roy Lee Welch & Burrhead Jones... Stan Lane & Mr. Saito interview with video of Saito verses Paul Orndorff for the NWA Alabama title... Bob & Brad Armstrong interview... Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose interview...  Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass interview... Mr. Saito & Stan Lane interview... Jerry Stubbs & Ken Lucas defeated Don Carson & Ron Maxwell... Stan Lane & Mr. Saito and Jerry Stubbs interview... Ron Fuller & Burrhead Jones defeated Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass by DQ... Run in by Robert Fuller for the save... Ron & Robert Fuller interview... Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass interview... Brawl between Ron & Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass... (Referee: Bruce Sorenson)

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