May 30, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,


We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from 1981.  This week we only have a partial episode so let's join it in progress.  If you missed last week click here.

We start the show with a match in the ring:  Stan Lane verses Roy Lee Welch.  Charlie Platt informs us that Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) is the new NWA U.S. Junior champion and he is joining him at the desk for commentary.  During the commentary they hype Ray Candy coming into the area.

A very even match up.  Roy Lee Welch might have the charisma of dirt but he is a solid mat wrestler. Stan Lane wins with a handful of tights.

Charlie Platt and Mr. Olympia then watch the video of Olympia winning the NWA U.S. Junior title from Stan Lane at one of the arenas.

We find out in the course of the interview that Stubbs is too fat to be champion and has to give up the belt.  Olympia says that he is three pounds too heavy for the junior heavyweight division and he has to return the belt to Lane.

Charlie Platt talks with Ron & Robert Fuller about prize money and trophies that Southeastern is going to be giving away this week in the arenas in elimination matches.  Ron Fuller explains the rules which is basically an "anyone can tag anyone" match that continues until there is a winner.  We then cut backstage to hear from Ron Bass and Jimmy Golden.

Charlie Platt then talks with Ron Fuller about Ray Candy coming into the area soon.

We then go backstage again to hear from Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose who have been the top heels in the area for months.

Back to the ring for our next match:  Ron Bass verses The Avenger.  The Avenger (like The Superstar) is a generic jobber gimmick for the Southeastern area.  Jimmy Golden joins Charlie Platt at the desk to color commentate.  Golden is putting over Ron Bass' new finisher the heart punch.  Charlie Platt says that Southeastern wrestling is looking at outlawing the heart punch and Golden doesn't seem to like it much.  Ron Bass wins with the heart punch.

After the break we don't get a run down graphic of the upcoming Monday night Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium show but we do get various interviews about it including Ron & Robert Fuller and Ron Bass & Jimmy Golden & Mr. Saito.

Mr. Saito & Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose join Charlie Platt back at the announce desk and we find out that Mr. Saito has defeated Ken Lucas for the NWA Southeastern title at one of the past weeks house shows and we get to see video.  Mr. Saito throws salt into the eyes of Ken Lucas for the win.

Next match in the ring:  Mr. Saito (NWA Southeastern Champion) verses Tommy Yates.  I don't know much about Tommy Yates other than he was a regular enhancement worker from about 1980-82 in a few different promotions including Central States and Mid-South.  Ken Lucas joins Charlie Platt on commentary during the match.  He puts over Saito as very tough.  Lucas still holds the NWA Alabama title.  Mr. Saito wins with the Japanese sleeper.  

Of course, Saito refuses to wake Yates up so Ken Lucas runs in to bring him back around.  Saito jumps Lucas but Lucas reverses the attack into a sleeper hold of his own.  This brings out Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose for the save.

After the commercial we get the run down for Monday night's Boutwell Auditorium card in Birmingham, AL:  The main event is a 15 man "all against all" elimination match for $10,000, No DQ match for the NWA Southeastern tag team titles: Bob & Brad Armstrong against Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose, Ken Lucas defends the NWA Alabama title against Jimmy Golden, Ron & Robert Fuller against Mr. Saito & Ron Bass, Mr. Olympia verses Tom Horne, Ray Candy verses El Diablo.

OK, they are skipping a week at Boutwell so this card is actually for June 1st.

Interviews with Stan Lane and Mr. Saito.  Stan Lane is actually pretty funny on these interviews.

Next up we get interviews with Mr. Olympia and Ken Lucas.

The tape ends here.

May 30, 1981 (Television Show): Charlie Platt hosts...Stan Lane defeated Roy Lee Welch...Video of Mr. Olympia winning the NWA U.S. Junior title from Stan Lane... Mr. Olympia surrenders the U.S. Junior title due to being overweight... Ron & Robert Fuller interview... Ron Bass & Jimmy Golden interview... Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose interview... Ron Bass defeated The Avenger... Mr. Saito & Ron Bass & Jimmy Golden and Ron & Robert Fuller promos... Mr. Saito & Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose interview and video of Mr. Saito defeating Ken Lucas for the NWA Southeastern title... Mr. Saito defeated Tommy Yates... Brawl between Ken Lucas and Mr. Saito... Promos with Mr. Saito & Stan Lane and Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas. (Referee: Bruce Sorenson)

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