June 16, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

There are three of the four television shows for June 1984 on YouTube, missing only the 23rd and I may have that in my personal collection once I get around to converting it.  So, here we go, June 16, 1984.

Last week we saw Billy Spears take over the management of Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs from Sonny King.  This weeks video starts off with our first match in the ring- Billy Spears with Anderson & Stubbs.

First match: Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs verses Ted Allen & Jacques Rougeau.  Ric Flair, of all people, is commentating the match with Rick Stewart & Charlie Platt.  This is the area where he first met Arn Anderson and became friends with him.  Ted Allen is one of the trainers of Arn Anderson and they have worked together often in Mid-South and Southeastern.  Anderson & Stubbs win getting the pin on Ted Allen.

The R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) are out for an interview.  We see video of The R.A.T.'s against Anderson & Stubbs from one of the arenas.  The R.A.T. Patrol remains the NWA Southeastern tag team titles.  

We now get our weekly promo for the Birmingham, Alabama matches.  This week the show is at the Alabama State Fairground's Arena instead of Boutwell Auditorium.  There is a tournament for a $20,000 van.  Tim Horner verses Rick Gibson...  Rick McGraw verses Tommy Gilbert...  A R.A.T. Patrol member verses Boris Zurkoff...  A R.A.T. Patrol member verses Jerry Stubbs...  Jimmy Golden verses Vic Rain...  Brad Armstrong verses Ron Fuller...  Bob Armstrong verses Ted DiBiase...  

Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson & Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff interview.  Rick Stewart interviews R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) & Rick McGraw.  McGraw is an awful promo.

Next match is in the ring:  Boris Zurkoff (Managed by Billy Spears) verses David Jones.  Oh no, they have mush mouth McGraw sitting in on commentary.  Zurkoff wins with a version of the Cobra Clutch.

Billy Spears is out with his "family" - Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Boris Zurkoff and now, apparently, Tommy Gilbert too.  Arn Anderson, here less than a couple years in the wrestling business, is already a top tier promo.  

Rip Rogers is out next for an interview with Rick Stewart.  He cuts a promo on Jacques Rougeau.  We get to see video of Rip Rogers boxing Jacques Rougeau.  Rip Rogers has challenged Rougeau to a loser leaves town match.

A commercial for the old school Monster Truck BIGFOOT!

Rick Stewart interviews Ron Fuller in front of the $20,000 van they are giving away.  Billy Spears' family then talks about the van.

Charlie Platt interviews Jimmy Golden & Bob Armstrong about the tournament.  They talk about Ted DiBiase making a rare appearance in the Southeastern area.  We go to the Mid-Atlantic area for a quick promo with Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner also.

Charlie Platt interviews Vic Rain about his "loaded boot".  Vic Rain is a very poor promo too.  We get a clip of Rain beating someone with his loaded boot on television.  He is an awful promo and this segment went too long.  I have no actually memory of Vic Rain.  Even watching these old shows I don't remember him.  That shows how memorable he isn't.

Next match up:  Jimmy Golden verses Vic Diamond.  We have too many Vic's in the area now.  Jimmy Golden is the NWA Southeastern champion.  Ric Flair now comes out to guest announce.  Flair hits the ring and attacks Golden but Golden reverses and puts him in the sleeper.  However, Vic Rain hits the ring to save Ric Flair.

Dueling interview with Tommy Gilbert & Vic Rain and Jimmy Golden & Rick McGraw.  Tommy Gilbert pretty much shoots on McGraw for being so heavy and bloated.

Final match of the day:  Rip Rogers & Rick Raven verses The R.A.T. Patrol, Inc.  The two R.A.T. Patrol members that are wrestling today are Johnny Rich & Tonga Kid.  Ron Fuller is out to do guest commentary.  He's cutting a promo on his cousin Jimmy Golden.  Tonga Kid wins with a diving headbutt on Rick Raven.

Bob Armstrong is out for an interview and to watch tape verses Ron Fuller.  Lots of interference including from Billy Spears.

We come back from commercial and hear from Rip Rogers & Ron Fuller and then Jacques Rougeau & Bob Armstrong.

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June 16, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Steward are the hosts... Ric Flair is guest announcing...  Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs defeated Ted Allen & Jacques Rougeau... Interview with R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid)...  Video of R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs from the arena... Dueling interviews with Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff and the R.A.T. Patrol & Rick McGraw... Boris Zurkoff defeated David Jones... Billy Spears & Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Boris Zurkoff & Tommy Gilbert interview...  Rip Rogers interview... Video of Rip Rogers boxing Jacques Rougeau... Interviews with the Billy Spears' family & Ron Fuller... Interview with Jimmy Golden & Bob Armstrong... Interview with Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner... Interview with Vic Rain... Jimmy Golden defeated Vic Diamond by DQ after Ric Flair interferes...  Short brawl featuring Jimmy Golden and Ric Flair & Vic Rain... Promos with Vic Rain & Tommy Gilbert and Jimmy Golden & Rick McGraw... R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. (Johnny Rich & Tonga Kid) defeated Rip Rogers & Rick Raven... Interview with Bob Armstrong.  They watch video of Bob verses Ron Fuller... Rip Rogers & Ron Fuller promo... Jacques Rougeau & Bob Armstrong promo.. (Referee:  Larry Brock)

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