July 14, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

There are three of the four television shows for July 1984 on YouTube, missing only the 7th and I may have that in my personal collection once I get around to converting it.  So, here we go, July 14, 1984.

We get the intro and I have never known (and I've asked) just who the "Wrestling Planters (sic) Federation" is nor why they have voted Southeastern wrestling number one.

Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart tell us that Austin Idol is back in the area and has already captured the NWA Southeastern championship from "short time" champion Vic Rain.  Supposedly happened in Panama City, FL.  That may or may not be true.

The first match is up:  Bob Armstrong verses John Cooper.  Ron Fuller comes out to commentate on the match.  Ron says he has been catching flack for not defending the Continental title in the Southeastern area but says just this week he defended the title in Chicago, IL against Jack Brisco (he did not).  Ron Fuller says he absolutely will not defend the Continental title in the Southeastern area.  Too rinky-dink down here.  Ron says he has beaten Bob Armstrong 17 times in the last four weeks.  That may or may not be true.  "Bullet" Bob Armstrong wins with a knee drop.

Bob Armstrong leaves the ring to confront Ron Fuller but Fuller backs off and leaves.  

Former Southeastern champion Vic Rain now comes out to watch the match where he lost the title to Austin Idol, so I guess the Panama City match did happen after all.  Idol wins with a roll up after Rain loaded his boot but failed to get Austin Idol with it.  Vic Rain is a terrible promo.  I don't know why they put him out there so long every week to talk.

Now Rip Rogers is out to put in his two cents.  Rogers is calling out Austin Idol.  I remember the Rip Rogers verses Austin Idol program being pretty good.  Rip Rogers is running down all the people he has ran out of the area including Jacques Rougeau, Tim Horner, and others.

We now get the run down for the upcoming Monday night matches at the Alabama State Fairgrounds Arena in Birmingham, AL:  R.A.T. Patrol verses Tommy Gilbert for the NWA U.S. Junior title, Rick McGraw verses Boris Zurkoff for the NWA Alabama title, Jimmy Golden verses Vic Rain, R.A.T. Patrol verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs in a no DQ match for the NWA Southeastern tag team titles, Austin Idol defends the NWA Southeastern title against Rip Rogers, and in a Texas Death Match Ron Fuller verses Bob Armstrong.

Rip Rogers & Ron Fuller promo.

Austin Idol & Bob Armstrong promo.

To the ring for our next match:  Rick McGraw verses Pete Martin.  Oh no, it's Mush Mouth McGraw again.  I can not for the life me remember why 12 year old me was a fan of Rick McGraw.  He does the worst promo in the business at this point, he is bloated as a whale, and his work is mediocre at best.  Also, I do not know where they found the jobbers this week because I've never seen them before or since.  Bring back Mike Jackson's crew please.  The commentary is all about how Boris Zurkoff beat McGraw for the NWA Alabama title with the help of manager Billy Spears.  McGraw wins with a belly to back suplex off the middle rope.

We now get dueling promos with Ron Fuller and Bob Armstrong about Fuller's refusal to defend the Continental title in the Southeastern title.  Ron now says he won't even show the belt on television.

We now get a sit down promo by Billy Spears and the new NWA Alabama champion Boris Zurkoff.  They watch video of Zurkoff winning the title from Rick McGraw.  They say that Billy Spears was supposed to be barred from ringside but showed up anyway.  

Now is Personality Profile.  They are waiting on Idol to come out so they show a music video on Idol featuring The Kid is Hot Tonight by Loverboy.  Austin Idol is back now and it warms the cockles of his heart to be back in the southeastern area.  

Jimmy Golden is out now for an interview and to watch a video of when he lost the Southeastern title to Vic Rain. 

Next match in the ring:  Jimmy Golden verses Josh Stroud.  Why did Josh Stroud not get pushed somewhere?  He did enhancement jobs in Georgia and Alabama and maybe even the Carolina's too, he was around for a few years and looked like a million bucks.  How did no one ever push this guy?  Jimmy Golden wins a good match with a roll over.

Promo with Boris Zurkoff & Billy Spears & Vic Rain and then with Jimmy Golden and Mush Mouth McGraw.  

To the ring for the TV main event:  Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs (Southeastern tag team champions) with manager Billy Spears verses Michael Ragin & Steve Reed.  Michael Ragin is going to get a small push in the area before disappearing.  Anderson & Stubbs were such a great team.  I know that Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard got all the glory later on but Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson were pretty darn great.  Anderson pins Reed with an assisted clothesline.  Following the match, Anderson & Stubbs continue their assault until the R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) run in for a big brawl.  

The R.A.T. Patrol get their hands on Billy Spears but Tommy Gilbert runs in to save him and ends up getting "injured" at the hands of the R.A.T. Patrol.  

Show wraps up with promos from the R.A.T. Patrol & Bob Armstrong & Austin Idol followed by the Spears family & Ron Fuller.

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July 14, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart are the hosts... We find out Austin Idol has returned and is the new NWA Southeastern champion having defeated Vic Rain... Bob Armstrong defeated Jeff Cooper... Video of Austin Idol beating Vic Rain for the NWA Southeastern title... Rip Rogers promo... Rip Rogers & Ron Fuller promos... Austin Idol & Bob Armstrong promos... Rick McGraw defeated Pete Martin... Ron Fuller and Bob Armstrong promos... Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff watch video of Zurkoff winning the NWA Alabama title from Rick McGraw... Austin Idol video... Austin Idol promo... Jimmy Golden promo watching video of his loss to Vic Rain... Jimmy Golden defeated Josh Stroud... Promos with Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff & Vic Rain and then Jimmy Golden & Rick McGraw... Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs defeated Michael Ragin & Steve Reed...   Brawl between Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Billy Spears & Tommy Gilbert and the R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid)... Promos from R.A.T. Patrol & Bob Armstrong & Austin Idol then Ron Fuller & The Billy Spears family. (Referee:  Marvin Kelly)

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