September 15, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

There's a pretty big gap in the YouTube record in the summer of 1984 until you get to September.  Hopefully, my personal collection will yield some finds.  Here we go with September 15, 1984 Episode 205.

Charlie Platt & Rick Stewart kick the show off by telling us there are a lot of injuries in the area including Billy Spears and new babyface Jerry Stubbs.  We saw clips of that last week.  They also announce that Randy Rose is returning to the area.  Mr. Wrestling I & II (Pat Rose & Johnny Walker) come out to cut a promo.  They are heels and complaining about being in the first match and they demand a title shot.

First match is up next:  R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. verses Steve Miller & Tommy Gilbert.  For this match the R.A.T. Patrol are going to be Johnny Rich & Tonga Kid.  I find it funny that they come out to ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man song and one is wearing glorified blue underwear and the other a skirt thingy.  The R.A.T. Patrol are the NWA Southeastern tag team champions.  During the commentary they announce that Porkchop Cash is the new Alabama champion.  Mr. Wrestling I & II attack the R.A.T. Patrol and the match is over by DQ and a brawl takes place.  They ram Tonga Kid's shoulder into the ring post.  This might be his write off to go to the WWF, he'll be replaced by Steve Armstrong.  Bob Armstrong, Porkchop Cash, and Jimmy Golden come make the save.

We now get the run down for the Monday night wrestling show in Birmingham, AL at Boutwell Auditorium:  Mr. Wrestling I & II verses Ricky Gibson & Pete Johnson, R.A.T. Patrol verses Tommy Gilbert, Arn Anderson verses Mike Jackson, Porkchop Cash defends the Alabama title against The Eliminator (unknown), Jimmy Golden verses Ontario Mauler (Vic Rain), R.A.T. Patrol defend the Southeastern tag team titles against Ron Bass & The Flame (Jody Hamilton), Bob Armstrong defends the Continental title against Randy Rose, Austin Idol defends the Southeastern title against Boris Zurkoff. (The card ended up being significantly different with only Bob Armstrong vs. Randy Rose and Austin Idol verses Boris Zurkoff taking place.  Everything else was switched around and the Ontario Mauler, The Flame, Ricky Gibson, Pete Johnson, and Ron Bass did not appear.)

Johnny Rich comes out with Bob Armstrong and challenges Mr. Wrestling I & II to a match Monday night with the titles on the line.  Bob Armstrong promos his match with Randy Rose.

Randy Rose now comes out and cuts a promo on Bob Armstrong.  Mr. Wrestling I & II are out at the desk too.  Eventually, Mr. Wrestling I will be unmasked as Pat Rose and he and Randy Rose will team together in the area.  Mr. Wrestling II was almost always a grumpy old man heel in Southeastern.

Next match is in the ring:  Randy Rose verses Les Freeman.  I always thought both of these guys were under rated.  Freeman could have been a good junior heavyweight had he ever been pushed here.  Randy Rose never gets the credit he deserves.  Everyone remembers him later on as half of the AWA World tag team champions with Dennis Condrey but he'd already declined by then.  Randy Rose wins with a clothesline.

Promo with Randy Rose & Arn Anderson with follow up by Porkchop Cash & Bob Armstrong.

To the ring for our next match: Porkchop Cash verses Paul Brown.  Cash is the new NWA Alabama champion and he is said to have won it in Pensacola, FL (probably from Boris Zurkoff).  During the match they mention that the Lord Humongous is set to debut soon in the area.  He will be Jeff Van Camp here and get a very substantial push before leaving for Mid-South wrestling where he will also get a big run.  Cash wins with the head butt.

Promos now with Randy Rose & Arn Anderson.  We watch Arn now watch video of their angle from last week where Stubbs & Anderson split up.  Arn Anderson had agreed last week that he would leave the area if he got pinned.  He did and then he didn't leave the area.  We then again see the babyface turn of Jerry Stubbs who saves Austin Idol from Boris Zurkoff & Billy Spears.  Stubbs get burned by a fireball and claims to be out of action.

We now go to a home interview with Jerry Stubbs whose face is blotted out, I suppose to sell the burning.  After a few minutes Arn interrupts and cuts a great promo on Stubbs.

We now go to Austin Idol who watches video of Idol verses Zurkoff and more of the whole angle with Jerry Stubbs, Arn Anderson, and the injury to Billy Spears. Then Idol cuts a promo on Boris Zurkoff and is then joined at the desk by Porkchop Cash to do an Americana promo.

Next match up:  Jimmy Golden verses Richard Dunn. Golden wins a simple squash with the sleeper hold.  After the match a masked mystery man hits the ring but fails to attack Golden and then flees the ring.  I suppose this was supposed to be Vic Rain who has been around recently as the Ontario Mauler.

Jimmy Golden comes to the desk to cut a promo on Vic Rain.

Johnny Rich comes out and says the Tonga Kid has been injured but will be replaced by Steve Armstrong and they will face Mr. Wrestling I & II.  Then we get promos from Tommy Gilbert & a masked Vic Rain with a sweat shirt wrapped around his head.

Next match up:  Austin Idol verses Jimmy Backlund.  Jimmy Backlund is the future Jimmy Del Rey.  Austin Idol is, of course, the NWA Southeastern heavyweight champion.  The commentary focuses on the upcoming debut of the Lord Humongous.  Idol wins quickly with the Las Vegas Leglock.

Show wraps up with the adjusted Boutwell card and promos by Mr. Wrestling I & II & Boris Zurkoff and then Austin Idol & Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong.

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September 15, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart are the hosts... Mr. Wrestling I & II (Pat Rose & Johnny Walker) promo...  R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Tonga Kid) defeated Steve Miller & Tommy Gilbert by DQ when Mr. Wrestling I & II attack and injure Tonga Kid... Promo Johnny Rich & Bob Armstrong and Mr. Wrestling I & II...  Randy Rose defeated Les Freeman... Promo Arn Anderson & Randy Rose and Porkchop Cash & Bob Armstrong... Porkchop Cash defeated Paul Brown... Randy Rose & Arn Anderson promo... Video of Jerry Stubbs injury from last week... Interview at home with Jerry Stubbs... Austin Idol promo and watches more video of the Jerry Stubbs and Billy Spears injury angle... Jimmy Golden defeated Richard Dunn... Jimmy Golden promo... Tommy Gilbert & Vic Rain promo then Jimmy Golden promo... Austin Idol defeated Jimmy Backlund...Promos with Mr. Wrestling I & II & Boris Zurkoff and Austin Idol & Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong. (Referee:  Larry Brock)

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