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Southeastern Championship Wrestling (SECW) had existed well before October 1980.  Ron Fuller ran the promotion out of Knoxville, TN.  Meanwhile, in south Alabama and the Florida panhandle, Gulf Coast Wrestling had been the regional promotion.  Ron Fuller bought out the Fields family in 1978 but the television show and promotion continued as Gulf Coast wrestling until October 1980 when the promotion began running north Alabama towns including the return of pro wrestling to the historic downtown Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium.

In October 1980, Ron Fuller did an odd thing for a promoter.  He literally split his promotion into two parts, both with the same name.  There was Southeastern Championship Wrestling (northern division) operating out of Knoxville, TN with a television show and a set of champions.  Meanwhile, out of Pensacola, FL there was Southeastern Championship Wrestling with it's own television show and it's own set of champions.  It is this southern promotion that I am featuring here.

I grew up on the southern version of NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling which ran from October, 1980 until June 1985 when it became Continental Championship Wrestling.  This is the story of that promotion.

October 18, 1980 (Television Show): Host Charlie Platt... Bob Armstrong defeated The Superstar (Ray Harris)... Tony Charles music video... Interview with Bob Armstrong... Eddie Mansfield defeated Reggie Simpson... Mongolian Stomper hype video... Bob Armstrong promo... Charlie Cook & Ricky Gibson defeated Big C I & II (Don Carson & Dennis Condrey) (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) in a non-title match... Charlie Cook promo... Ron Fuller promo... Eddie Mansfield promo...  (Referee: Bill Sorenson) (01)

October 19, 1980 (Pensacola, FL):  Princess Little Heart verses Venus LaRue...  Mike Masters verses Bob Armstrong...  Ron Bass verses Plowboy Frazier (AKA: Uncle Elmer)...  Fabulous Moolah verses Pepper Torres...  Ron & Robert Fuller & Jos LeDuc verses Mongolian Stomper & Big C I & II (Don Carson & Dennis Condrey) in a Texas Death match.

October 20, 1980:  No results.

October 21, 1980 (Mobile, AL):  Ron Fuller verses Mongolian Stomper in a no DQ, loser leaves town match...  Robert Fuller & Jos LeDuc verses Big C I & II (Don Carson & Dennis Condrey)...  Ron Bass verses Bob Armstrong...  Jerry Stubbs verses Charlie Cook...  Roy Lee Welch verses The Super Pro (Randy Rose)...  Norvell Austin verses Mike Masters.

October 22, 1980:  No results.

October 23, 1980:  No results.

October 24, 1980:  No results.

October 25, 1980 (Television Show): Host Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher... Jerry Stubbs defeated Ricky Gibson to retain the NWA U.S. Junior title... Ron Fuller promo... Interview with new NWA Southeastern tag team champions Robert Fuller & Jos LeDuc...  Mike Masters defeated Charles Odom... Ron Fuller and Robert Fuller interview... Mongolian Stomper battles Charlie Cook to a double count out... Jerry Stubbs interview... Jos LeDuc & Stan Frazier battled Big C's I & II (Don Carson & Dennis Condrey) to a no contest...  Big C 1 is unmasked as Don Carson...  Interview with Robert Fuller & Jos LeDuc... Announcement of Ron Bass coming back in to the area.  (Referee: Jimmy McGuire) (02)

October 26, 1980 (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium):  Jos LeDuc & Robert Fuller verses Super Pro (Randy Rose) & Ron Bass...  Mongolian Stomper verses Bob Armstrong...  Jerry Stubbs verses Norvell Austin in a no DQ match...  Jerry Brown verses Charlie Cook...  Mike Masters verses Roy Lee Welch.

October 27, 1980:  No results.

October 28, 1980 (Mobile, AL):  Mongolian Stomper verses Robert Fuller...  Ron Bass verses Bob Armstrong in a bullrope match...  Norvell Austin & Jos LeDuc verses Jerry Stubbs & Jerry Brown...  Super Pro (Randy Rose) verses Brad Armstrong...  Cuban Assassin verses Charlie Cook...  Mike Masters verses Roy Lee Welch.

October 29, 1980:  No results.

October 30, 1980:  No results.

October 31, 1980:  No results.

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