arn "Super Olympia" Anderson

arn "Super Olympia" Anderson

Note:  The Midnight Express (later Midnight Express, Inc.) operated under the "Freebird rules" where any two of the three members could wrestle in a tag team match.  So results featuring the Midnight Express could be any combination of Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, or Norvell Austin.  Later this month, Dennis Condrey leaves Southeastern and is replaced by Ron Starr.  In Ron Starr's biography "Bad To The Bone", Starr states that he was recommended to Robert Fuller by Michael Hayes to come in and replace Condrey.

August 1, 1983:  No results.

August 2, 1983:  No results.

August 3, 1983:  No results.

August 4, 1983:  No results.

August 5, 1983:  No results.

August 6, 1983 (Television Show) (Dothan, AL):  No complete results... Hosts Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart...  Ken Lucas & Eddie Hogan (Ed "Brutus Beefcake" Leslie) defeated Chick Donovan & Randy Barber...  Bob Armstrong & The Flame (Jody Hamilton) promo about loser leave town match verses Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden.  Bob Armstrong reveals he is the new NWA Southeastern heavyweight champion. Clips from Bob Armstrong & The Flame beating down Ron Fuller following a steel cage match...  Jimmy Golden & Ron Fuller promo...  Bob Armstrong & The Flame (Jody Hamilton) defeated Mike Jackson & Rick Gibson...  Buck Robley interview and video verses Man Mountain Harris (Rick "Black Bart" Harris) with run in by Midnight Express Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Midnight Stallion (Mongolian Stomper)... (147)

August 7, 1983:  No results.

August 8, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Boutwell Auditorium):  Ricky Gibson defeated Chick Donovan to win the NWA U.S. Junior title...  Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) defeated Man Mountain Harris (Rick Harris)...  Midnight Express (Norvell Austin & Randy Rose) defeated Eddie Hogan (Ed "Brutus Beefcake" Leslie) & Ken Lucas to win the NWA Southeastern tag team titles in a losing team must split match...  Buck Robley defeated Midnight Stallion (Mongolian Stomper) in a loser leave town match...  Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Bob Armstrong & The Flame (Joe "The Assassin" Hamilton) in a loser of the fall leaves town match (Flame leaves town).

August 9, 1983:  No results.

August 10, 1983:  (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Ron Fuller vs. Bob Armstrong in a no DQ match… Jimmy Golden & Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) & Eddie Hogan vs. The Midnight Express in a 2 of 3 falls match… Buck Robley vs. Man Mountain Harris (Rick Harris AKA: Black Bart)… Ken Lucas vs. Chick Donovan… Ricky Gibson vs. J.R. Hooker

August 11, 1983:  No results.

August 12, 1983:  No results.

August 13, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (148)

August 14, 1983:  No results.

August 15, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Boutwell Auditorium):  Tom Stanton defeated Ted Allen...  Ricky Gibson battled Chick Donovan to a draw...  Buck Robley defeated J.R. Hooker by knockout in a brass knux match...  Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) defeated Man Mountain Harris (Rick "Black Bart" Harris) to win the Alabama title...  Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Midnight Express (Norvell Austin & Dennis Condrey)...  Bob Armstrong defeated Ken Lucas.

August 16, 1983:  No results.

August 17, 1983:  No results.

August 18, 1983:  No results.

August 19, 1983:  No results.

August 20, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (149)

August 21, 1983 (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium):  Jimmy Golden defeated Dennis Condrey in a loser leaves town match...  Robert Fuller verses Bob Armstrong...  Buck Robley verses J.R. Hooker...  Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) & Ricky Gibson verses Midnight Express...  Brad Armstrong verses Chic Donovan.

August 22, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Alabama State Fairgrounds Arena):  Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) defeated Tom Stanton...  Chick Donovan defeated Pete Martin (no show Eddie Hogan)...  Brad Armstrong defeated Ted Oates (no show Ricky Gibson)...  Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) defeated Ken Lucas...  Jimmy Golden & Brad Armstrong (no show Robert Fuller) defeated Midnight Express (Norvell Austin & Dennis Condrey) by DQ...  Bob Armstrong defeated Buck Robley.

August 23, 1983:  No results.

August 24, 1983:  No results.

August 25, 1983:  No results.

August 26, 1983:  No results.

August 27, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (150)

August 28, 1983:  No results.

August 29, 1983 (Birmingham, AL):  Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) defeated Norman Fredrick Charles III...  Tom Stanton defeated Randy Barber...  Ricky Gibson defeated Chic Donovan via count out...  Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) defeated Buck Robley...  Ricky Gibson & Brad Armstrong defeated Randy Rose & Ron Starr via DQ.

August 30, 1983:  No results.

August 31, 1983:  No results.

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