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Jim Nelson went through several different spellings and pronunciations of his Russian gimmick character before eventually settling on Boris Zuhkov.  It was alternately spelled Zurkoff and Zurkov early on...  Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) lost his mask on January 23, 1984 to Jacques Rougeau in a hair verses mask match.  The Midnight Express, Inc. is done.  Dennis Condrey left months earlier to go to Memphis and was replaced by Ron Starr.  Norvell Austin struck a pedestrian with his car and left the area (it was said he injured his shoulder but this was a cover story for his leaving) and was replaced by Wayne Farris.  Ron Starr beat up an underage fan who hit the ring and was arrested but ultimately exonerated at trial but left the area afterward to go to Stampede.

Notes from January Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The Southeastern belt was held up after a bout between champion Jos LeDuc and Robert Fuller and a tournament was held 12-03-1983 in Dothan, AL won by Bob Armstrong.  Bob dropped the belt during Christmas week to Jerry Stubbs, the unmasked Mr. Olympia.  Bob also lost a few no DQ matches with (NWA) World champ Ric Flair including January 2, 1984 in Birmingham with Pops (Bob) losing by DQ.  Bob and son Brad have now left for Georgia while son Scott is still around.  With both Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden returning and Bob Armstrong leaving apparently the Fuller-Welch family is back in control.  Ken Lucas beat Rip Rogers for the U.S. Junior title then won a rematch where he got possession of Rogers valet Brenda Britton for a week.  The following week Lucas wrestles Les Thornton for the NWA World Junior title and Les was disqualified when Rogers interfered.  Super Olympia (Arn Anderson/Marty Lunde) turned on partner Jacques Rougeau and is now a villain.  The two first met on 12-03-1983 in the Southeastern title tournament and their bout turned into a brawl.  Super Olympia apologized and to make up for it agreed to team with Jacques against tag champions Ron Starr & Wayne Farris on TV and ended quickly when Super O refused to tag Jacques and then joined in on a triple team on him.  Super O then defeated and "injured" Jacques brother Armand Rougeau.  He is only in the area for one week and I'm (Dave Meltzer) am told he is really bad.  Newcomers are Boris Zurkoff and Charlie Cook.

Notes from March Wrestling Observer Newsletter (related to January 1984):  Ric Flair was in the area and pinned Bob Armstrong on January 2, 1984 in Birmingham.  Bob Armstrong has left for Georgia Championship Wrestling then was injured in a car accident or a brawl very seriously (this would be the weight lifting accident that nearly killed him- Karl)...  January 9, 1984 Birmingham, AL saw Charlie Cook win the Alabama title from Jerry Stubbs.  The main event on that card was scheduled to be Robert Fuller verses Jos LeDuc but neither man showed up.  They did show up on January 16 for a loser leave town cage match which Robert Fuller won sending LeDuc back to Memphis... In November 1983 this group had announced that loser leave town matches were banned and anyone who lost one could return.  Charlie Cook pinned Jerry Stubbs in the semi-final that night which drew 900.  Jacques Rougeau beat Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) also...  January 23 saw Jacques Rougeau beat Super Olympia in a hair verses mask match.  Super Olympia was revealed as Arn Anderson or Marty Lunde if you wish...  Ken Lucas beat Rip Rogers.  Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Charlie Cook beat Jerry Stubbs & Boris Zurkoff & Wayne Farris. While newcomer David Morgan (is he the very good English wrestler? (yes)) beat Franklin Hayes who is billed as Michael Hayes brother (and really may be (he wasn't, it was John Tatum, one of Michael's best friends) and was so bad in Memphis he was let go after a week)...  Sonny King is also new to the circuit...  The NWA Southeastern tag team titles haven't been mentioned since Ron Starr who co-held the belts with Wayne Farris disappeared a month ago. (They were filled this month by the new team of Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs).  

Notes from April Wrestling Observer Newsletter (related to January 1984):  Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson, formerly Mr. Olympia & Super Olympia, and feuding with one another won a tag tournament January 15, 1984 in Montgomery, AL.  The tournament was necessary when Ron Starr, who held the titles with Wayne Farris, left the area.  Starr is now in Calgary, by the way.

January 1, 1984 (Pensacola, FL):  NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair verses Bob Armstrong in a no DQ, no time limit match...  Brad & Scott Armstrong & Robert Fuller & Jacques Rougeau verses Ron Starr & Wayne Farris & Jerry Stubbs & Jos LeDuc...  Ken Lucas verses Rip Rogers in a street fight...  The Superstar (Ray Harris) verses Larry Hamilton...  Boris Zurkoff (Jim Nelson) verses Wendell Cooley.

January 2, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair defeated Bob Armstrong by DQ...  Robert Fuller & Ric McCord & Jacques Rougeau defeated Jerry Stubbs & Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) & The Superstar (unknown)...  Wayne Farris & Boris Zurkoff defeated Brad & Scott Armstrong...  Ken Lucas defeated Rip Rogers by DQ...  Boris Zurkoff defeated Larry Hamilton...  Ric McCord battled The Superstar (Ray Harris) to a draw.

January 3, 1984:  No results.

January 4, 1984:  No results.

January 5, 1984:  No results.

January 6, 1984:  No results.

January 7, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (169)

January 8, 1984 (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Robert Fuller & Jacques Rougeau & Ken Lucas & Charlie Cook vs. Jerry Stubbs & Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) & Jos LeDuc & Wayne Farris in an elimination match… Boris Zhukov vs. Scott Armstrong… Rick McCord vs. Wendell Cooley… Rip Rogers vs. Larry Hamilton

January 9, 1984 (Birmingham, AL)(Boutwell Auditorium):  Scott Armstrong defeated The Superstar (unknown)...  Wayne Farris & Boris Zurkov defeated Larry Hamilton & Ric McCord...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) in a boxing match...  Ken Lucas defeated Rip Rogers in a southern street fight...  Charlie Cook defeated Jerry Stubbs to win the Alabama title.

January 10, 1984:  No results.

January 11, 1984:  No results.

January 12, 1984:  No results.

January 13, 1984:  Bob Armstrong suffers a near fatal weight lifting accident, crushing his face and requiring extensive surgery.  

January 13, 1984:  No results.

January 14, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (170)

January 15, 1984 (Montgomery, AL):  Complete results no available...  Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) & Jerry Stubbs defeated Jimmy Golden & Jacques Rougeau to win the vacant NWA Southeastern tag team titles in a tournament.  Titles vacant when Ron Starr left the area to go to Calgary Stampede wrestling.  Ron Starr & Wayne Farris had been the tag team champions.

January 16, 1984 (Birmingham, AL)(Boutwell Auditorium):  Scott Armstrong battled Ric McCord to a draw...  David Morgan defeated The Superstar (unknown)...  Rip Rogers & Boris Zurkov defeated Ken Lucas & Larry Hamilton...  Jimmy Golden defeated Wayne Farris by DQ...  Charlie Cook defeated Jerry Stubbs...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) in an I Quit match...  Robert Fuller defeated Jos LeDuc in a loser leave town match.

January 17, 1984:  No results.

January 18, 1984 (Pensacola, FL):  Jerry Stubbs & Wayne Farris & Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) & Jos LeDuc verses Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Jacques Rougeau & Charlie Cook in a street fight...  Ken Lucas verses Rip Rogers...  Boris Zurkov (Jim Nelson, now with different spelling) verses Larry Hamilton...  Scott Armstrong verses Ric McCord...  David Morgan verses Wendell Cooley.

January 19, 1984:  No results.

January 20, 1984:  No results.

January 21, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (171)

January 22, 1984:  No results.

January 23, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Charlie Cook defeated Jerry Stubbs & Wayne Farris & Boris Zurkov...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Super Olympia by DQ in a hair verses mask match.  Super Olympia unmasks as Arn Anderson...  Ken Lucas defeated Rip Rogers...  Sonny King defeated Ric McCord...  David Morgan defeated Franklin Hayes (AKA: John Tatum).

January 24, 1984:  No results.

January 25, 1984:  No results.

January 26, 1984:  No results.

January 27, 1984:  No results.

January 28, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (172)

January 29, 1984 (Pensacola, FL):  Jimmy Golden & Wayne Farris verses Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson...  Robert Fuller verses Rip Rogers...  Charlie Cook verses Sonny King...  Jacques Rougeau verses Boris Zurkov...  Ric McCord verses Franklin Hayes

January 30, 1984 (Birmingham, AL)(Boutwell Auditorium):  David Morgan defeated Rick McCord...  Robert Fuller defeated Franklin Hayes (John Tatum)...  Charlie Cook defeated Boris Zurkov by DQ...  Wayne Farris defeated Sonny King by count out...  Ken Lucas defeated Rip Rogers...  Jimmy Golden & Jacques Rougeau battled Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs to a double DQ.

January 31, 1984: (Mobile, AL) (Expo Hall): Southeastern tag team title Match: Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson (c) vs Jimmy Golden & Jacques Rougeau… Alabama title Match: Charlie Cook (c) vs Boris Zhukov… Wayne Farris vs Sonny King… U.S. Junior Heavyweight Title: Rip Rogers (c) vs Ken Lucas (No Disqualification)… Robert Fuller vs Franklin Hayes (John Tatum)… David Morgan vs Ric McCord