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Notes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (June issue but concerning April & May): The only title change this month saw Vic Rain beat Charlie Cook for the NWA Alabama title...  Bob Armstrong actually has been wrestling again on this circuit.  Bob relayed the real story for his injuries that weights fell on his face while lifting, not that Ted DiBiase clobbered him as told in Atlanta (Georgia Wrestling)...  Bob Armstrong & Ron Fuller, who is referred to as the masked Tennessee Stud, won the tag team titles from Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs but the decision was reversed because the referee was not the official assigned to the match.  This is almost ridiculous.  Ron Fuller may turn villain and feud with Bob Armstrong down the road...  Newcomers are Rick McGraw, Tommy Gilbert (who will battle Johnny Rich for the NWA U.S. Junior title), while Mr. Orient did turn out to be Ron Slinker who was unmasked by Jimmy Golden then lost a loser leaves town match the following week...  How many of you recall when this promotion banned loser leave town matches about four months ago?

May 1, 1984:  No results.

May 2, 1984:  No results.

May 3, 1984:  No results.

May 4, 1984:  No results.

May 5, 1984 (Television Show):  Complete results not available... Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs defeated Bob Armstrong & Ron Fuller by DQ to win the vacant NWA Southeastern tag team titles. (186)

May 6, 1984:  No results.

May 7, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Ron Fuller defeated Ric McCord...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Rip Rogers...  Charlie Cook defeated Vic Rain by DQ...  Jimmy Golden defeated Boris Zurkov by DQ...  Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson defeated Bob & Scott Armstrong...  Tommy Gilbert defeated Johnny Rich to win the NWA U.S. Junior title.

May 8, 1984:  No results.

May 9, 1984:  No results.

May 10, 1984:  No results.

May 11, 1984:  No results.

May 12, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (187)

May 13, 1984:  No results.

May 14, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson defeated Bob & Scott Armstrong...  Jimmy Golden battled Boris Zurkov to a double DQ...  Ron Fuller defeated Ric McGraw...  Vic Rain defeated Jacques Rougeau...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Rip Rogers by DQ...  Tommy Gilbert defeated Johnny Rich by DQ.

May 15, 1984:  No results.

May 16, 1984:  No results.

May 17, 1984:  No results.

May 18, 1984:  No results.

May 19, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (188)

May 20, 1984:  No results.

May 21, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Ron Fuller defeated Michael Hayes to win the NWA Continental title...  Bob & Scott Armstrong defeated Jerry Stubbs & Sonny King by DQ...  Jimmy Golden defeated Boris Zurkov...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Rip Rogers...  Johnny Rich battled Tommy Gilbert to a draw...  Vic Rain battled Rick McGraw to a double DQ.

May 22, 1984:  No results.

May 23, 1984:  No results.

May 24, 1984:  No results.

May 25, 1984:  No results.

May 26, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (189)

May 27, 1984:  No results.

May 28, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Ron Fuller defeated Tim Horner...  Bob Armstrong defeated Ted DiBiase...  Brad & Scott Armstrong defeated Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson by DQ...  Jimmy Golden defeated Boris Zurkov in a street fight match...  Rick McGraw defeated Vic Rain to win the NWA Alabama title...  Tommy Gilbert defeated Tommy Rogers...  Jacques Rougeau defeated Rip Rogers by DQ...  Charlie Cook battled Johnny Rich to a draw.

May 29, 1984:  No results.

May 30, 1984:  No results.

May 31, 1984:  No results.

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