Star Wars: The Last Jedi Action Figure Review- Luke Skywalker & The Praetorian Guard (Black Series).

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

Work kept me from attending any Star Wars: Force Friday sales this year but thankfully Tonya from When It Was Cool was able to grab my two most wanted action figures for me (as well as a really cool Hot Wheels AT-AT which I will review later).  Of course, I mainly collect action figures in the 3.75 inch scale so that is what I am reviewing here.  I believe both of these figures are also available in the larger six inch scale as well.


I really loved the design of Snoke's Praetorian Guard, an obvious modernization of the old Emperor's Royal Guard action figure which I have several variations of.  The armor reminds me of Vlad Dracula's armor in the 1992 Dracula movie.  Oddly, Luke Skywalker doesn't fit on a modern era stand.  At least mine doesn't.  The foot peg holes are too small.  I did get mine on a DC Infinite Heroes stand.  One criticism is that it is a shame that these higher scale figures don't come with stands anymore.  Especially since Luke Skywalker came with no other accessories.


I really like the eye popping red on the Praetorian Guard action figure.  Star Wars is filled with so much black and white (Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Han Solo, stars and space, etc) that bright red really stands out.  The robotic hand on Luke Skywalker is my favorite detail on his action figure.


Show here alongside the 2016 Star Wars black series Emperor's Royal Guard action figure.  The new Praetorian Guard figure comes with significantly less accessories than did the 2016 Royal Guardsman.  The Praetorian Guard action figure comes with only a bladed staff.


Like I said, the Praetorian Guard reminds me of this armor worn by Vlad Dracula in the 1992 Dracula movie.


Luke Skywalker and the Praetorian Guard shown from the back.


Shown here with an earlier, younger Luke Skywalker action figure, the older Luke Skywalker does not come with any accessories.  Not even a lightsaber.  As I speculate in the When It Was Cool Weekly Update Podcast could that be a movie spoiler?  Does Luke now refuse to use a lightsaber? There is a small hook on the side of his belt that appears capable of holding a lightsaber hilt but the figure didn't come with one of those either.


The figures look fine but the lack of accessories for either action figure is disappointing.

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