Stories... Podcast

Stories... is an informal podcast series where host Karl Stern (dragonkingkarl) takes you on a ride through the places, events, pop culture, music, and people of his life in the 1970s through today.  By audio, travel with Karl through the forests of Alabama, the mountains of Mexico, and relive TV, radio, and pop culture memories.  This is stories as told by Karl Stern and is available to Patreon's of When It Was Cool.

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Stories... Episode 03 - I Had No Plan

The latest in our "Stories..." series. Host Karl Stern talks about the time he decided to ride his motorcycle westward and ended up in Mexico and the adventures and self discovery he made along the way. Ride lightless through a snowy Texas night, visit the site of an alien crash, go a mile under the Earth, and get lost in northern Mexico with Karl and motorcycle.  Stories... Episode 03 - I Had No Plan

Stories... Episode 02 - Saturday Morning Memories

Back in the 1970s and 1980s Saturday mornings were about cartoons, super-heroes, pro wrestling, toys, and friends.  Imaginative play made possible by Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Lego, and more iconic toys.  Plus, how pro wrestling fit perfectly into the world of Saturday mornings and how the magic of that era has been lost in the modern era of entertainment on demand.  Stories... Episode 02 - Saturday Morning Memories

Stories ... Episode 01 - The Ballad of Rural America

On the debut episode of Stories... take a ride with host Karl Stern through the National Forest and Wilderness area of North Alabama while the troubles of the area are discussed.  You've heard about urban decay but the same thing is happening in rural America as well.  As nature reclaims what modern America has lost, Karl reminisces about the boom days of his childhood.  Stories... Episode 01 - The Ballad of Rural America

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