Uphill Both Ways - Episode 09 - Pro Wrestling Memories

(08-17-2017) Joseph Perry & Mike Imboden are back with the bi-weekly Uphill Both Ways podcast. On this edition topics discussed include their memories of growing up as pro wrestling fans.  Lots of memories about Mike and Joseph's time as wrestling fans starting out in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.  Thoughts about Bob Backlund, Roddy Piper, Peter Maivia, the Cow Palace, and much more!  Uphill Both Ways 09

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 08 - Film Festival, Spider-Man Homecoming, Godzilla!

(08-07-2017) On this edition of the Uphill Both Ways podcast, Joseph Perry & Mike Imboden talk about a film festival, Spider-Man Homecoming, and childhood movie properties they are into and in this episode they discuss the king of all monsters- Godzilla!  Uphill Both Ways 08

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 07 - Drive-In Theaters & More!

(07-20-2017) Joseph Perry & Mike Imboden are back with the bi-weekly Uphill Both Ways podcast. On this edition topics discuss include drive-in movies, lake monsters in America, delicious movie time snacks, and lots of memories about great drive-in movie experiences! A fun time had by all on the latest Uphill Both Ways Podcast! Uphill Both Ways 07

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 06

(07-06-2017) Joseph Perry & Mike Imboden return with a wonderful new episode of the Uphill Both Ways Podcast talking a variety of topics including Turok Son of Stone, little green Army Men, the Netflix GLOW wrestling series, and a great discussion of old mail order advertisements including Columbia House Record subscription club!  Send us a penny! Uphill Both Ways 06

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 05

(06-22-2017) Joseph Perry & Mike Imboden are back with the bi-weekly Up Hill Both Boys podcast.  On this episode they talk toys!  Micronauts, Planet of the Apes, Megos, Kung-Fu gripe G.I. Joes, Thing Maker, Major Matt Mason, and much more!  A great fun show! Uphill Both Ways 05

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 04

(06-08-2017) Joseph & Mike talk about what's going on including the Twin Peaks revival, the Outer Limits comic books, Dell Comics, and a great discussion about Saturday mornings and what they watched back in the day, I Love Lucy, an amazing discussion about records and music, Uncle Floyd show, and so much more!  A PACKED episode of nostalgia goodness in this episode of Uphill Both Ways.  Uphill Both Ways 04

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 03

(05-25-2017) Joseph Perry and Mike Imboden return for the next episode of the Up Hill Both Ways podcast!  Cool old horror and sci-fi movies and some new ones as well.  Plus yummy delicious sugary cereals of yester-year, and more!  Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids... and me and you too!  Uphill Both Ways 03

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 02

(05-12-2017) On this episode of the Uphill Both Ways Podcast, the hosts Joseph Perry and Mike Imboden talk about Joseph going to a film festival, then they discuss how and when they got into comic books with a great discussion about such titles as the old Gold Key comics, the Avengers, war comics, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and the great monster comics of the early Marvel age!  Uphill Both Ways 02

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 01

(04-27-2017) The first full episode of the Uphill Both Ways Podcast with Joseph Perry & Mike Imboden!  In this episode Joseph and Mike talk about their first concerts including Prince during the Purple Rain tour, Blue Oyster Cult, and more!  Plus celebrity crushes, and lots of great memories from back in the day!  Uphill Both Ways 01

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 00

(04-20-2017) Introducing the Uphill Both Ways podcast hosted by Joseph Perry and Mike Imboden.  In this episode Joseph and Mike talk about KISS, the night Elvis died, Prince and his music, horror movies and television shows of the 1970s and 1980s, Twin Peaks, old school classic pro wrestling memories, and much more!  Uphill Both Ways 00

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