Welcome to the When It Was Cool Website (By: Karl Stern)

Welcome to the launch of the When It Was Cool Website! I imagine many of you are here from hearing me plug the website at the popular Wrestling Observer website where I host a couple of podcasts- the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show and DragonKing Dark.  I thank you for checking us out.

In 2016, my wife and I decided to launch a website that celebrated our various interests.  We have similar tastes in music and both enjoy retro and nostalgia.  We frequent flea markets and junk sales, concerts, toy shows, comic-cons, haunted attractions, and travel a lot.  We known many other people have similar interests to us so we want to start a fun community to celebrate when certain things were cool.

Originally, I wanted the site to be When It Was Fun but discovered I couldn't get the URL so decided instead to go with When It Was Cool.  A fine compromise.  We launched both a Twitter account (@WIWCool) and an Instagram account (when_it_was_cool) and I converted my YouTube channel into a When It Was Cool account.  All of these things are, of course, a work in progress so please help us out by following us on these accounts.

I will be doing the bulk of the podcasts though my wife will join me on occasion.  She will be handling Instagram and Twitter to a degree and submitting articles from time to time.

I decided to go ahead and launch the site in September 2016 and add content from there so if you are joining us early on please hang in there as I add more content, especially the podcasts and the YouTube channel.  I will be working on adding some content everyday so I hope you will stick with us and grow with us.  Any suggestions and corrections would be appreciated!  Thank you for joining us!

Please tag all your social media posts with #WhenItWasCool thank you!