Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1910

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 82 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


1910 (unspecified): Americus (Gus Schoenlein) claims the World lightweight title.

01-15-1910: Tom Chaaker dies following a match with Yousouf the Terrible Turk (not the original who died in 1889) in Montreal.

04-1910: Wrestling promoters John C. Maybray, Joe Carroll, and Bert Warner (The Maybray Gang) are indicted by a Federal court for fixing wrestling matches via the U.S. Mail…. Alexander Aberg wins the World Greco-Roman championship tournament in Russia.

06-10-1910: Frank Gotch defeats Stanislaus Zbyszko in six seconds of the first fall in Chicago, IL. Gotch wins the second fall in just over 27 minutes. It was supposedly Zbyszko’s first loss in over 945 matches.

10-25-1910: Henry Ordeman defeats Kid Cutler in Minneapolis, MN with Frank Gotch as the referee. Gotch proclaims Ordeman the new American champion and is now publicly claiming he is retired. Gotch would claim retirement many times over the next seven years.

Chicago newspaper cartoon touting the arrest of John C. Maybray and gang.

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