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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show - Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series

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Pro wrestling historian Karl Stern is laying down an ongoing oral history of pro wrestling in podcast form. Each of the long form history of pro wrestling segments are between 30 minutes and one hour long and cover the history of pro wrestling in a timeline form from antiquity through the modern era. You must be a Patreon supporter of the When It Was Cool website in order to download this content but you not only get all the listed shows (plus all our other content at that level) but also the .pdf Pioneers of Wrestling Special and the back issues of the DragonKing Press Newsletter including the issues which feature the timeline Karl Stern is using.

If you are already a Patreon just click the links to access the shows or .pdf’s and if you aren’t yet a Patreon then sign up here. It only takes about two minutes and you can cancel at any time. The history of pro wrestling series is still ongoing and new episodes will be posted here on this page and in the Patreon RSS feed.

PDF’s related to the Long Form History of Wrestling Series:

DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series Podcasts: