Yesterday Movie Review

If there ever was a movie that was a combination of the Back to the Future trilogy and mashed it up with Rocketman, the Hot Tub Time Machine movie, and Bohemian Rhapsody, we’d get Yesterday! Eric Darsie reviews this new classic rock themed movies about the music of The Beatles starring Ed Sheeran and more! Read More.

Weird Al Yankovic Concert Review - Richmond, VA

On Thursday, June 27, 2019 Weird Al Yankovic held a concert in conjunction with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and Tony Christ was there with a full review and set list of the greatest parody musician in pop culture - Weird Al! From his classics like Smells Like Nirvana to modern hits like Word Crimes, a Weird Al concert is a fun experience and When It Was Cool gives you a look at Weird Al with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra! Read More. Read More.

Rocketman Elton John Biopic Movie Review - I’m Still Standing

I really can’t say enough great things about Rocketman, I really can’t. I love how the biopic was based on Elton John’s childhood and some highlights (and a lot of lowlights) of his early career. The movie blasts us into outer space as it dives into Elton’s music career, his dive into alcohol and drug abuse, and his struggle in life as a homosexual who never was never unconditionally loved by his self-centered mother and middle class working father. Join Eric Darsie with his review of Rocketman. Read More.

KISS Concert Review - End of the Road Tour 2019 - Birmingham, AL BJCC

ALRIGHT PEOPLE! YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU GOT THE BEST! THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD - KISS! From that iconic introduction then blasted Detroit Rock City and one of the most incredible live acts in rock and roll history took the stage in Birmingham, Alabama for the last time - KISS! This wasn’t my first time seeing KISS but it has been over twenty years since I last saw them with the big mid-1990s reunion tour featuring all the original members. Original members who were fighting, obsessing, and generally not having much fun. This version of KISS seemed to be having a lot of fun and brought that energy to the crowd on April 13, 2019 at the Birmingham, AL BJCC arena. Read More.

Metallica Concert Review - WorldWired Tour 2019 - Birmingham, AL BJCC

Karl and Tonya from When It Was Cool traveled to the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, AL on January 22, 2019 to see heavy metal legends Metallica on their WorldWired concert tour where they tore through a blistering set of thrash metal classics as well as new material from their Hardwired… to Self Destruct album. When It Was Cool gives you everything you want to know about the Metallica setlist, stage, and music from these icons of heavy metal. Read More.

Album Reviews: My Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2018

This year saw a wealth of terrific new albums from both established rock acts and bright new talents. Old favorites from Elvis Costello to Saxon to Graham Parker released solid new material, and debuts from bands heavily influenced by their forerunners put fresh spins on classic styles. Here are my 10 favorite albums from 2018. Because each of these records spent plenty of time at the top of my rotation throughout the year, I’m going to list them in alphabetical order, rather than numerical. Honestly, on any given day, according to my mood, any of them could rank number one. Join Joseph Perry as he tells us about his favorite music of 2018. Read More.

Fozzy - Judas Rising Concert Review

Fozzy stopped at the famous First Ave in Minneapolis for a leg of their Judas Rising Tour and the Dirty Dawg Darsie saw them LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR!  Check out this special, hearing the Dawg review the opening bands for Fozzy with Chris Jericho and his experience seeing Fozzy for the second time! Read More.

Rush - A Show of Hands Concert DVD Review

Rush fan Karl from When It Was Cool takes a look back at the Rush - A Show of Hands concert DVD which was a live album in support of the 1987-88 Rush Hold Your Fire Tour. With many Rush classics like Tom Sawyer, 2112, Closer to the Heart, and YYZ mixed with the complex Rush music of the that era like Mission, Territories, and Red Sector A, the Rush - A Show of Hands live DVD is a great way to experience the music and magic of Rush.  Read More.

Paul Simon Concert Review from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA

Paul Simon is on a farewell tour and made a stop on June 16, 2018 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA and Jared Hitch was there to take it all in.  Join Jared as he describes the sights and amazing sounds from the iconic Paul Simon with trips through Graceland, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and much more.  Read More.

Brit Floyd Concert Review from Huntsville, AL Celebrating the Music of Pink Floyd

When It Was Cool attended a Pink Floyd tribute band concert and light show in Huntsville, AL by the international group Brit Floyd who are traveling the world on their Eclipse 2018 tour.  Can a tribute band actually do justice to the music of one of the greatest rock bands of all time? The answer is a resounding "Yes!".  Read More.

Rush : Grace Under Pressure Concert DVD Review

Rush's Grace Under Pressure album was released in 1984 and the following year the band released a concert VHS in support of the tour and album.  In 2007 the VHS was cleaned up and remastered and released on DVD.  When It Was Cool Rush mega-fan Karl Stern reviews the Rush Grace Under Pressure DVD for this article about the greatest prog-rock group in music history- Rush! Read More.

Willie Nelson and Family Tour (with Alison Krauss) Concert Review from Pelham, AL

When It Was Cool takes a look at one of the last living true icons of American Outlaw Country- Willie Nelson.  We take a look at his Willie Nelson and Family Tour stop in Pelham, AL near Birmingham where he and Alison Krauss played an amazing concert and the 85 year old Willie Nelson is still standing strong.  With legendary hits like Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys, On the Road Again, Whisky River, and so many more, Willie Nelson is a music legend.  Read More.

The Eagles Concert Review in Birmingham, AL

When It Was Cool takes a look at the legendary iconic classic rock band The Eagles in concert from April 19, 2018 in Birmingham, AL.  The Eagles featuring Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, Vince Gill, and Deacon Frey tore the house down in front of a near sell-out crowd of almost 18,000 with an over two and a half hour set of sing-a-long classic rock favorites.  Read More.

Album Reviews: Blackwater Holylight and Lo Moon

Two new album rock reviews by Joseph Perry put the spotlight on some new music but with classic sensibilities.  First up is the debut by Blackwater Holylight with a harder rock edge then Joseph tells us about Lo Moon with more of a synth-pop styling.  These two diverse albums are discussed in this exclusive to When It Was Cool.  Read More.

Styx, REO Speedwagon, Don Felder Concert Review in Tuscaloosa, AL

When It Was Cool takes a look at a trio of classic rock greats at an April concert in Tuscaloosa, AL featuring Styx, REO Speedwagon, and former member of The Eagles Don Felder.  The trio of artists brought an amazing setlist of classic rock radio favorites to the very nice Tuscaloosa Amphitheater including hits like Come Sail Away, Renegade, Hotel California, and Roll With the ChangesRead More.

Concert reviews: Vundabar/Ratboys, Starcrawler/Uni, Lucy Dacus, and Valley Queen in Portland, Oregon

Joseph Perry has been a concert attending madman since his return to the United States.  In this special When It Was Cool article he tells us about four shows he has recently attended featuring acts like Vundabar, Ratboys, Starcrawler, Uni, Lucy Dacus, and Valley Queen.  The Portland, OR concert scene is hot and Joseph Perry and When It Was Cool is right there to cover it.  Read More.

Talkin’ some new kicks, ones like you ain’t never seen! - Eddie Van Halen and Those Shoes

Eddie Van Halen. Everyone knows him. Everyone has dissected his playing style and his influence for decades. Of course, like most people, I notice in photos the guitars, the ever present grin, and the stage. However, I want to point out a little discussed aspect of his wardrobe over the years…his shoes.  In this article contributed to When It Was Cool by the rock blog Rockpique, we find out that the powers of Eddie Van Halen might have less to do with his fingers and more to do with those shoes.  Read More.

Concert Review: Ought, March 22 at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon

Canadian post-punk band Ought brought lean, aggressive, stripped-down versions of songs from its expansive third album Room Inside the World to vivid life at Portland, Oregon’s Mississippi Studios concert venue on March 22. The quartet thrilled the near-capacity crowd with its art rock approach that is reminiscent of such predecessors as The Fall and early Talking Heads, but that possesses its own brand of intelligence and wry humor.  Join Joseph Perry as he reviews Ought in concert.  Read More.

EP Review:  The Regrettes', Attention Seeker

Pop punk quartet The Regrettes’ follow-up to last year’s debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! is the fun five-track EP Attention Seeker, which offers two new original tracks that continue the same spirit and spunk-filled attitude of that longplayer, a cool 1950s cover song, and two acoustic versions of album tracks. Joseph Perry takes a look at The Regrettes' latest EP, Attention Seeker for When It Was Cool.  Read More.

Album Review:  Caroline Rose, Loner

Caroline Rose’s sophomore album Loner (New West Records) is a darkly comic effort, filled with catchy hooks and bright arrangements that often make the singer/songwriter’s sarcastic takes on serious subjects feel more jarring when the lyrics truly sink in.  Joseph Perry takes a look at Caroline Rose's latest album, Loner for When It Was Cool.  Read More.

Album Review: Vundabar, Smell Smoke

Boston-based rock band Vundabar has been described by fans and music critics as everything from revivalists of 1980s new wave to keepers of the 1960s surf rock flame, to post-punk power pop artists. This enviable inability to be pigeonholed is one of the group’s strong points, as they create infectious, energy-filled guitar rock with insightful lyrics. Joseph Perry takes a look at Vundabar’s third release Smell Smoke (Gawk Records) for When It Was Cool.  Read More.

Rush No More:  Is It Time for a Lee-Lifeson Experience?

Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricists of Rush has retired but recently Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson dropped some new guitar tracks for California based band Fu Manchu.  In August 2017, rock DJ Eddie Trunk ignited a firestorm of speculation about a band featuring Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson touring without Peart.  It turns out, there was nothing to that.  But now, with a little time, a little space, and a shining example out there of how to do it right, could the time finally be right for the Lee-Lifeson Experience to hit the road?  Read More.

Rock & Roll Music Collection and Talk When It Was Cool Podcast Special

On today's When It Was Cool Podcast special for Patreon's at the $5 and higher support level, host Karl Stern takes you on a fun, hilarious, and informative trip through his own personal music collection.  With concert and song memories from acts like Chicago, The Eagles, Don Henley, Don Williams, Hank Williams Jr, Willie Nelson, Rush, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Journey, Foreigner, Loverboy (~!), KENNY FREAKIN ROGERS, 2-Pac, NWA, Snoop Dogg, Easy E, Nazareth, Styx, and so many more! When It Was Cool Music Podcast Special

Twelve Rock Music Tours to Watch for in Spring 2018

Joseph Perry takes a look at 12 rock music tours to watch for in the Spring of 2018.  An eclectic mix of hard rock, heavy metal, electronica, and pop rock with acts like Judas Priest, Saxon, Y&T, The Wedding Present, Vundabar, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Peter Hook and the Light, Ought, David Byrne, The Darkness, George Clinton, and more taking to the road this Spring.  Joseph has your who, what, when, and where for an exciting concert season kicking off in 2018 and When It Was Cool is here for all your rock and roll needs!  Read More.

Classic Rock News Edition Featuring Rush, KISS, Journey, Def Leppard, Tom Petty, and Chicago

Apparently the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band Rush is finished.  A reclusive former KISS member comes out of hiding for the first time in twenty years.  Journey and Def Leppard prepare for one of the biggest classic rock tours of the year.  Tom Petty cause of death announced by family.  Chicago is falling apart at the seems with two members quitting the band in the past week.  When It Was Cool has all your classic rock news in a super busy week.  Read More.

Ten Outstanding New Wave and Punk Albums Celebrating Their 40th Anniversary in 2018

The year 1978 was an exciting one for rock music, and a major reason for that was the amazing new material being released by acts that had previously been on the fringes of the mainstream or that had amassed a small but fervent cult following. Punk rock, new wave, no wave, and other movements were becoming more and more of major forces in concert halls, clubs, and record stores, and on radio, as well. Joseph Perry takes us back with a look at 10 outstanding New Wave and Punk albums celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2018!  Read More.

Life Begins at the Hop: A Brief Introduction to 1970s Power Pop

Power pop sprang from 1960s British and American rock music, and often combines the tight harmonies, infectious melodies, minimal arrangements, catchy guitar riffs, and boy-meets-girl lyrics of bubblegum rock with a slightly tougher hard rock crunch. In this When It Was Cool article, Joseph Perry takes a look at Power Pop acts like The Cars, Cheap Trick, The A's, Greg Kihn Band, XTC, Sweet, and more!  Read More.

Guns N Roses Concert Review - November 13, 2017 at Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena - Not In This Lifetime Tour

Karl & Tonya from When It Was Cool travel to Nashville, TN at Bridgestone Arena to see the Guns N Roses Not In This Lifetime tour where Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff blast their way through a powerhouse three hour setlist filled with GNR favorites like Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, and many more Guns N Roses classics plus special tributes and covers.  Join the When It Was Cool family in our look at Guns N Roses in concert.  Read More.

Rock Candy Magazine’s Well-Versed Staff Takes Fresh Looks at Hard Rock Legends

Joseph Perry reviews a new retro rock and heavy metal magazine that all fans of When It Was Cool will want to check out- Rock Candy! Covering names like Judas Priest, The Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Rush, Def Leppard, and many more.  Rock Candy magazine is exactly the kind of thing we are talking about when we say "when it was cool!" Read More.

Don Williams, Gentle Giant of Country Music and Favorite of When It Was Cool, Dies at age 78

(09-08-2017) Country music legend Don Williams, known for his mellow voice and hit songs like Tulsa Time, Good Ole Boys Like Me, Amanda, It Must Be Love, Listen to the Radio, and dozens more has died after a short illness at the age of 78.  Read More.

The 100 Greatest Rush Songs of All Time

For our second entry in "The 100 Lists", longtime fan Karl from When It Was Cool tackles the music of his favorite band- Rush.  When It Was Cool picks through the nineteen original material solo albums and rank, what we believe, are the 100 best.  Did your favorite Rush song make the list? Debate, celebrate, or rage at the When It Was Cool 100 Greatest Rush songs of all time! See the list.

Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) Us and Them Tour Concert Review - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena.

(08-15-2017) Karl & Tonya from When It Was Cool travel to Nashville, TN to see legendary Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters and his Us and Them tour playing song from his solo career and numerous songs from the Pink Floyd catalog including The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.  Roger Waters in concert.  Read More.

When It Was Cool Top 100 Rock & Roll and Pop Music Acts of All Time

In a massive undertaking, Karl from When It Was Cool has crunched sales numbers, chart performance, and compiled critical acclaim lists and rankings and compiled a definitive list of the 100 greatest rock and roll and popular music acts of all time.  Where did your favorite rank?  Read More.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog dead at age 52

(05-18-2017) Chris Cornell, one of the most recognizable voices of the grunge music scene and lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog died on Wednesday night May 17, 2017 following a Soundgarden show in Detroit, MI.  Read More.

When It Was Cool Best Ever Live Performance Moments

Karl from When It Was Cool takes a look at concert moments, live performances, and times when everything worked together to be unforgettable.  Neil Young, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, and more.  Read More.

6 Guitar Greats You Might Not Normally Think Of

When you think of guitar legends you probably think of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and so on.  However, Karl from When It Was Cool makes the case for six guitar greats you might not normally think of from country to pop to rock and roll.  Read More.

Rush Songs For Beginners

Not everybody is into Rush and honestly, Rush isn't for everyone.  However, as Karl Stern points out in this article, there are songs that might appeal to fans of particular interests and they might be a gateway into the larger Rush catalog.  Read More.

Happy 30th Anniversary to 10 Terrific New Wave Albums

(04-20-2017) Joseph Perry takes a look at the 30th anniversary of 10 terrific new wave albums including artists like The Cure, The Smiths, and The Cult.  1987 was a great year for music and Joseph Perry takes a look at some of the reasons why.  Read More.

10 Essential Thrash Metal Albums to Get You Started In the Genre

NoFriender of the NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast available exclusively at When It Was Cool lists ten essential thrash heavy metal albums to get you started in the genre.  Read More.

35th Anniversary of 10 New Wave Albums

(04-05-2017) Joseph Perry is back with a look at the 35th anniversary of 10 New Wave Albums including Prince, Roxy Music, Iggy Pop, and more.  Read more.

When It Was Cool Family Visits the Johnny Cash Museum

The When It Was Cool family visits the Johnny Cash museum in downtown Nashville, TN.  Read More.

When It Was Cool Family Visits the Birthplace of Elvis Presley

The When It Was Cool family visits the birthplace of the King of Rock & Roll - Elvis Presley in Tupelo, MS.  Read More.

War Machine Wednesday - KISS

On theme week at When It Was Cool we celebrate the hard rock classic War Machine by KISS!  Read More.

17 Hard Rock Albums Turning 40 in 2017

(01-30-2017) Joseph Perry is back with a great look back at 17 hard rock albums turning 40 this year.  Read more.

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums of 1976

Joseph Perry presents another fantastic look at hard rock music.  This time 40 years in the past with the best hard rock albums of 1976.  Read More.

UFO the Band Part One and Part Two

Joseph Perry has written an excellent two part series on the history of the legendary heavy metal band UFO.  Read Part One.  Read Part Two.

KISS Issue 1 by Dynamite Comics (2016)

Review of the first issue of the latest comic book series featuring KISS by Dynamite Comics.  Read More.

Stevie Nicks & The Pretenders Concert Review (2016)

The When It Was Cool family sees Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders in concert in Nashville, TN.  Read More.

Angel - On Earth as it is in Heaven / White Hot Reviews

Joseph Perry review a cult classic hard rock band Angel.  On Earth as it is in Heaven & White Hot.  Read More.

Subdivisions by Rush

Karl Stern reviews another Rush fan favorite from Signals.  The coming of age, rite of passage song Subdivisions.  Read More.

Witch Hunt by Rush

Karl Stern reviews one of his favorite Rush songs from Moving Pictures the atmospheric Witch Hunt.  Read More.

Peter Cetera was a Liar

Karl Stern takes a look at nostalgia and it's place in a world filled with riots, hatred, and fear.  A look at escape through music and entertainment.  Read more.

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