(05-25-2017) Joseph Perry and Mike Imboden return to When It Was Cool for the next episode of the Up Hill Both Ways podcast!  Cool old horror and sci-fi movies and some new ones as well.  Plus yummy delicious sugary cereals of yester-year, and more!  Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids... and me and you too!  Up Hill Both Ways Podcast 03

(05-24-2017) (Zones: When It Was Cool Podcast) On this episode of the When It Was Cool Podcast, Karl and Tonya talk about some of the recent articles on the website including a conversation about how their music tastes have changed over the years.  The conversation begins with the death of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and Karl talks about the evolution of heavy metal to glam rock to grunge then taking a liking to hardcore rap.  Tonya, on the other hand, had other music tastes. Speaking of taste, Tonya talks about Tonya's Diner for a few minutes. We discuss an email about Universal Monsters then Karl talks about recent DC Comics including The Button.  When It Was Cool Podcast

(05-22-2017) (Zones: Comics) Joseph Perry is back with a look at The Outer Limits comic book adaptation of the popular television series from the 1960's and common writing tropes from the era.  The comic featured great artwork by Jack Sparling.  It was comic books from a time when it was cool.  Read More.

Chocolate Eclair Dessert

(05-22-2017) (Zones: Tonya's Diner) Tonya from When It Was Cool whips up one of the favorite dessert dishes around the When It Was Cool household- a creamy, yummy, chocolate dessert dish- Chocolate Eclair!  Get the recipe.

(05-22-2017) (Zones: Patreon Exclusive)  On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look at one of the most famous paranormal incidents in history that still doesn't have a good solid explanation.  A group of Russian hikers died under very strange circumstances and one explanation doesn't seem to fit all the deaths.  Tents ripped from the inside out, some died of hypothermia, others of blunt force trauma, strange lights, and more.  Listen to Karl discuss the Dytalov Pass incident.  DragonKing Dark 066

Tonya's Diner Presents: Sausage, Pepper, and Rice Skillet

(05-19-2017) (Zones: Tonya's Diner) Tonya from When It Was Cool cooks up a great dinner dish that is not too spicy but just spicy enough- Sausage, Pepper, and Rice Skillet.  Get the recipe.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog dead at age 52

(05-18-2017) (Zones: Music) Chris Cornell, one of the most recognizable voices of the grunge music scene and lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog died on Wednesday night May 17, 2017 following a Soundgarden show in Detroit, MI.  Read More.

NoFriender Thrash Metal Podcast - Episode 16

(05-17-2017) (Zones: NoFriender Thrash Metal Show) NoFriender continues his amazing look at the origins of thrash heavy metal.  This episode takes a look at Death Angel.  This incredible series, exclusive to the When It Was Cool website, has been amazing.  Check out all the parts for a complete understanding of the origins, development, and evolution of thrash heavy metal music.  Episode 16

(05-17-2017) DragonKing Darker host Karl Stern is joined by Tonya from When It Was Cool on the first of a seven part series on the seven deadly sins.  The series begins with sloth which goes deeper than you might think.  Have we become a society of lazy, technology dependent sloths? What happened to our work ethic? Were our parents right that we are lazier than they were? On this episode we discuss the cardinal sin of sloth.  DragonKing Darker 006

(05-14-2017) (Zones: Music)  Karl from When It Was Cool takes a look at concert moments, live performances, and times when everything worked together to be unforgettable.  Incredible moments captured on tape which will make music fans sit up and pay attention.  Neil Young, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, and more.  Read More.

(05-11-2017) (Zones: Marvel Comics in Order Podcast) The latest episode of the Marvel Comics in Order podcast looks at our third book in the chronological reading of the Marvel Universe- Tales to Astonish issue 27 featuring our first look (sort of) of the Ant Man!  Karl also references a book on the early days of Marvel Comics with more information about the issues of Fantastic Four we have read so far.  Plus- Tonya finally has her own microphone!  Marvel Universe in Order Podcast 03

(05-09-2017) (Zones: Comics) In the news recently there has been a steady stream of negative Marvel Comics stories and their grip on the sales charts has slipped.  From controversial diversity comments to the handling of Captain America just what is the trouble with Marvel and why don't they see it?  Read More.