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July 21, 1951:  Robin Williams is born.  Robin Williams appeared in numerous movies and television shows ranging from Mork & Mindy to Good Morning Vietnam.

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July 21, 1924:  Don Knotts is born.  Knotts played in many movies and television shows and will forever be remembered as the lovable Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show. presents: Wrestling With the Dawg - Episode 080 - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H vs. Mankind - WWF Championship - WWF SummerSlam 1999

Podcast: (07-21-2018) (Zones: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast) On the 80th edition of Wrestling With the Dawg, the Dirty Dawg Darsie is joined by his older brother Dave (when the Dawg is sick!) to discuss Stone Cold Steve Austin defending the WWF title against Triple H and Mankind at WWF SummerSlam 1999!  The guys talk about Governor Jesse Ventura participating at SummerSlam and all the news backlash, Triple H's rise to main event status, and so much more! Wrestling With the Dawg 80

The Dead Children's Playground

Article & Podcast: (07-20-2018) (Zones: Horror / DragonKing Darker) Near downtown Huntsville, AL there is a 100 acre cemetery which dates back to the early 1800s.  There are six 1800 era Governors of the state of Alabama buried there.  The cemetery is riddled with Masonic headstones, obelisks, and mausoleums but perhaps the most macabre thing located at Maples Hills cemetery is the playground for dead children... we went there.  Read More.

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 33 - Junk Food Junkie

Podcast: (07-19-2018) (Zones: Uphill Both Ways Podcast) This episode host Mike Imboden and Joseph Perry discuss a variety of retro pop culture topics including the Marvel Universe Ant Man & Wasp movie then they transition into a topic we all know and love - food!  Yes, continuing the theme from last week, this week the duo discuss retro snack and junk foods and much more! Uphill Both Ways 33

Justice League (2017) Movie Review

Article & Podcast: (07-18-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) Yes... we finally got around to reviewing the latest (awful) offering from the (horrendous) Warner Brothers DC movie universe. We finally get all of our (least) favorite movie universe heroes together to be sad in unison and fight an outrageously forgettable villain. DC's movie universe needs razed to the ground, buried, and forgotten. Tonya and Karl review this sludge of a movie in today's When It Was Cool movie review. Read More.

Long Form History of Wrestling Part 37 (1962-63)

Podcast: (07-17-2018) (Zones: Wrestling / Digital Downloads) On this edition of the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show we continue the history of pro wrestling series and cover up to 1963. We also have another wrestling magazine from this year that fills in some blanks for us. Among the people discussed include Dick the Bruiser, Mike Sharpe Sr., Sputnik Monroe, Verne Gagne, Gene Kiniski, The Sheik, Rikidozan, The Destroyer, and many more. Long Form History of Wrestling 037

NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast - Episode 062 - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying by Megadeth

Podcast: (07-16-2018) (Zones: NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast) NoFriender continues his amazing look at the origins and evolution of thrash heavy metal.  This episode takes a continuing look at the iconic Megadeth album Peace Sells.... But Who's Buying?  This incredible podcast, exclusive to the  When It Was Cool website, has been amazing.  Check out all the parts  for a complete understanding of the origins, development, and evolution of thrash heavy metal. NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast 062

When It Was Cool Podcast - Episode 53 - Friday the 13th

Podcast: (07-12-2018) (Zones: When It Was Cool Podcast) On this episode of the When It Was Cool Podcast from in honor of July 2018 having a Friday the 13th the duo of Karl and Tonya discuss the horror movie franchise. We discover, in spite of both of us seeing every film, that we really don't know what's going on! Is there a huge continuity error in the films? Is Jason X really as bad as people remember? We discuss the entire film series on this episode of the WIWC podcast! When It Was Cool Podcast 053

DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 122 - Baghdad Battery

Podcast: (07-15-2018) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) It's one of the most famous advanced artifacts in popular culture.  It's past and even it's discovery is shrouded in mystery.  Found sometime in the early 1900s a battery like device appeared in a museum in Iraq.  It has been replicated and tested to actually function as a battery but, as we will see this week on DragonKing Dark, what it is and why it exists is still clouded in mystery. Today host Karl Stern from takes on the Baghdad battery. DragonKing Dark 122

Ghost Rider (2007) Movie Review

Article & Podcast: (07-11-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) Ghost Rider is a Marvel Comics character who got his first movie in 2007 and a sequel a few years later.  Though these movies are not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe there isn't any real reason they couldn't be.  The Ghost Rider movie stars Nicholas Cage in the lead role and is largely faithful to the 1970s comic version of Ghost Rider.  Sam Elliott also stars as the circa 1800s era Ghost Rider which is a very different take on the comic book version.  How did the movie hold up? Join Karl as he looks back at Ghost Rider (2007).  Read More.

GKT - The Greatest Kayfabe Tournament:  Round One.  Match Two.  Randy Savage vs. Mitsuharu Misawa

Podcast: (07-10-2018) (Zones: Wrestling) Today continues a new finite podcast series that will air here (on Patreon) and at Wrestling Observer from Karl Stern- The Greatest Kayfabe Wrestling Tournament.  This is a fictional 64 man single elimination tournament that asks the question "What if these wrestlers were real? Who would win?"  This is not a "shoot" fight, nor an argument over who the best "worker" is.  This tournament is about why we started watching wrestling to begin with - Could Randy Savage the character defeat Mitsuharu Misawa the character in a wrestling match? Round One... Match Two... Randy Savage (circa 1987) WWF Intercontinental Champion vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (circa 1994) All-Japan Triple Crown Champion.  FIGHT!  02 GKT: Randy Savage vs Mitsuharu Misawa

1985 - A When It Was Cool Look at the Year 1985

Article: (07-08-2018) (Zones: Retro Pop Culture) Join When It Was Cool for a look back at the news, events, music, movies, and popular culture that shaped the year 1985.  Ronald Reagan, Back to the Future, Wham, Live Aid, USA for Africa, Madonna, and NASA shaped the year that was 1985.  When It Was Cool takes a look back at retro pop culture and news in 1985!  Read More.

DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour - Episode 31 - More Thoughts on Vader, Southeastern Championship Wrestling end of 1980, a Shooting and Stabbing and more!

Podcast: (07-03-2018) (Zones: DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast / Wrestling) On this episode of the DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour host Karl Stern gives more thoughts on the life, career, and death of Big Van Vader (Leon White). The evolution of his gear. His world travels. Southeastern Championship Wrestling the end of 1980 and transition into 1981. Millennial songs. And finally the story of a wrestler shot in the stomach at a party and a future world champion stabbed in the face. DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast 31

Superman Returns (2006) Movie Review

Article & Podcast: (06-27-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) Continuing the continuity of the previous Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh gets the biggest role of his career thus far as Superman in Superman Returns.  Ignoring Superman III and Superman IV, this movie re-imagines post Superman II continuity with Superman flying off into space for a few years only to return to a world that has moved on without him.  Kevin Spacey replaces Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor and is up to another real estate scheme.  Read More.

The 100 Greatest Comic Book Stories of All Time

Article: (Zones: Comics / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool has crunched the numbers using dozens of Best of Comics, Greatest Comic Books, and Must Read Comic Book Stories lists.  We have polled the visitors to When It Was Cool and these are the 100 Greatest Comic Book Single Issues, Comic Book Runs, and Graphic Novels of all time! Where did your favorite comic book or comic book story rank on the top 100 comics of all time list? Check it out!  Read More.

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100 Greatest Artists in Rock & Roll and Pop Music History

Article: (Zones: Music / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool does a scientific (and a tiny bit subjective) study on who really were the 100 greatest acts in Rock & Roll and Pop Music history.  Some of the results will come as no surprise but others will.  Where does your favorite fall?  How do Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and others compare to one another?  Take a look at one of our most popular articles ever- the When It Was Cool 100 Greatest Artists in Rock & Roll and Pop Music History! Read More.

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