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When It Was Cool Podcast - Episode 47 - The Eagles, Styx Concert Review, CCR, Bruno Sammartino death, Midnight Special, and more!

Podcast: (04-19-2018) (Zones: When It Was Cool Podcast) On this edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast from WhenItWasCool.com Karl and Tonya discuss the recent Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Don Felder concert. They talk about tonight's Eagles concert. Tonya brings up Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) which leads into a discussion of the old Delta blues song Midnight Special which has a very interesting origins. Plus Greeta Van Fleet, Marvel Universe, and more! When It Was Cool Podcast 47

Rest in Peace Bruno Sammartino.  Bruno Sammartino has passed away at age 82.  Here is a When It Was Cool biography podcast biography on Bruno Sammartino which we are making available for free today in honor of Bruno.  Click here.

Superman and the Mole Men (1951) Movie Review

Article & Podcast: (04-18-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) Superman and the Mole Men was a pilot, or trial balloon as they called them back in the day, series which debuted George Reeves as Superman.  George Reeves became a beloved Superman to an entire generation of fans through the Adventures of Superman television series.  However, Superman and the Mole Men left a lot to be desired with it's too serious attitude and ham-fisted moral message and lack of action.  Karl from When It Was Cool tells us all about Superman and the Mole Men (1951).  Read More.

Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves Live from Outer Space Play Review

Article: (04-17-2018) (Zones: The Rabbit Hole) Portland, Oregon theater group StageWorks Ink is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, kicking things off last month at the Chapel Theatre in Milwaukie, Oregon, with an expanded, cabaret-style revival of its first-ever production, writer/director Steve Coker’s Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves Live from Outer Space. Joseph Perry gives us a review of this quirky play. Read More.

NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast - Episode 054 - Iron Maiden

Podcast: (04-16-2018) (Zones: NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast) NoFriender continues his amazing look at the origins and evolution of thrash heavy metal.  This episode takes a look at the influence that the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden had on thrash heavy metal.  This incredible podcast, exclusive to the  When It Was Cool website, has been amazing.  Check out all the parts  for a complete understanding of the origins, development, and evolution of thrash heavy metal. Thrash Metal Show Podcast 054

DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 109 - Never Surrender Japanese Solider and the Yeti

Podcast: (04-15-2018) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) Life is weird sometimes... obviously. You are listening to a show that airs on the Dark Matter Radio Network so, of course, you know this. Following on the heels of two of our most popular shows ever we slow down this episode for a cautionary tale. A story about a man so dedicated to his job that he wasted a huge chunk of his life. Warning, this show also contains a Yeti. Yep.  Rest in Peace Art Bell.

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Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast - Episode 066 - the Shield vs. Evolution - WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Podcast: (04-14-2018) (Zones: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast) On the 66th installment of Wrestling With the Dawg, the Dirty Dawg Darsie is joined by his older brother Dave to discuss the Shield vs. Evolution from WWE Extreme Rules 2014! The brothers discussed the WWE Network starting up, CM Punk leaving the WWE, the nWo vibes the Shield had, the impact Evolution had in 2004 WWE, and so much more! Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast 066

Uphill Both Ways Podcast - Episode 26 - Don't Fear the Reaper

Podcast: (04-12-2018) (Zones: Uphill Both Ways Podcast) Hosts Mike Imboden and Joseph Perry are back in the saddle to discuss retro pop culture but first, Mike has seen the popular Ready Player One movie which has a strong pop culture slant to it.  Joseph talks about his hectic concert schedule since returning to the U.S.  Then the main event topic this week is the duos love of horror movies.  They each like different styles of horror movies so this show covers a lot of ground for horror movie fans. Uphill Both Ways 26

Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) TV Special Review

Article & Podcast: (04-10-2018) (Zones: Comic BooksCaptain America II: Death Too Soon was the sequel to Captain America, a made for TV movie special that aired in 1979.  It was also the last time we would see the Reb Brown TV version of Captain America. This was actually a pretty good movie and, aside from the kind of goofy costuming, held up as well as other 1970s action adventure properties.  Join Karl from When It Was Cool as he looks back at this television special from 1979.  Read More.

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Styx, REO Speedwagon, Don Felder Concert Review in Tuscaloosa, AL

Article: (04-09-2018) (Zones: Music) When It Was Cool takes a look at a trio of classic rock greats at an April concert in Tuscaloosa, AL featuring Styx, REO Speedwagon, and former member of The Eagles Don Felder.  The trio of artists brought an amazing setlist of classic rock radio favorites to the very nice Tuscaloosa Amphitheater including hits like Come Sail Away, Renegade, Hotel California, and Roll With the Changes.  Read More.

Album Reviews: Blackwater Holylight and Lo Moon

Article: (04-10-2018) (Zones: Music) Two new album rock reviews by Joseph Perry put the spotlight on some new music but with classic sensibilities.  First up is the debut by Blackwater Holylight with a harder rock edge then Joseph tells us about Lo Moon with more of a synth-pop styling.  These two diverse albums are discussed in this exclusive to When It Was Cool.  Read More.

DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 108 - The Problem is You

Podcast: (04-08-2018) (Zones: DragonKing Dark & Darker Podcast) Following on the heels of last weeks popular Contrarians Are Ruining Society episode, this show kicks it up a notch.  This show was previewed by several people who raved about it.  The show is titled "The Problem is You" and you will probably laugh, applaud, and you might even get angry but hopefully it will make you think.  The first step in solving the problems of our society is to do some self examination and that starts here.  DragonKing Dark Podcast 108

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Free Edition of the DragonKingKarl Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series- Jump on Here!

Podcast: (04-02-2018) (Zones: Wrestling / Digital Downloads) This episode of the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show featured at WrestlingObserver.com I am making available for free and it is a catch-up show to allow new listeners to jump on and those who might have fallen behind to catch up. The long form history of pro wrestling series is essentially a college level series on the history of pro wrestling.  We have produced 30 parts, so far, covering pro wrestling from the Civil War era to 1950.  They are Patreon $5 level content but today's summary show is free so if you like what you hear today and want to know more you can catch up on all the previous 30 episodes. Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series - Special

Talkin’ some new kicks, ones like you ain’t never seen! - Eddie Van Halen and Those Shoes

Article: (04-01-2018) (Zones: Music) Eddie Van Halen. Everyone knows him. Everyone has dissected his playing style and his influence for decades. Of course, like most people, I notice in photos the guitars, the ever present grin, and the stage. However, I want to point out a little discussed aspect of his wardrobe over the years…his shoes.  In this article contributed to When It Was Cool by the rock blog Rockpique, we find out that the powers of Eddie Van Halen might have less to do with his fingers and more to do with those shoes.  Read More.

Legends of the Superheroes: The Roast TV Special Review

Article & Podcast: (03-28-2018) (Zones: Comic BooksLegends of the Superheroes was just terrible.  Two Legends of the Superheroes specials aired in 1979 just a few days apart.  This review looks at the second one "The Roast".  It reunited two members of the 1960s Batman cast- Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) but Frank Gorshin (Riddler) who appeared in part one decided to sit this one out, along with several new heroes and villains- Hawkman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Captain Marvel, Huntress, Black Canary, The Atom, Dr. Sivana, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, the Weather Wizard, and others.  As awesome as that may sound... it wasn't.  Read More.

10 Ways the 1980s Lied to Me and Lied to You Too

Article: (03-26-2018) (Zones: Retro Pop Culture)  So, my generation has some problems.  It is pretty evident by just looking around the world that we, the children of the 1980s, have totally screwed things up.  But hey, we got some bad advice.  In this When It Was Cool article, editor Karl Stern takes a look a ten ways that the 1980s lied to us.  I mean the 1980s looked us right in the eyes, broke out the cardboard and did a break dance, got up and lied directly to us.  Pump up those 24 inch pythons and join us for a look back at some of the best pop culture lies of the 1980s.  Read More.

The 100 Greatest Comic Book Stories of All Time

Article: (Zones: Comics / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool has crunched the numbers using dozens of Best of Comics, Greatest Comic Books, and Must Read Comic Book Stories lists.  We have polled the visitors to When It Was Cool and these are the 100 Greatest Comic Book Single Issues, Comic Book Runs, and Graphic Novels of all time! Where did your favorite comic book or comic book story rank on the top 100 comics of all time list? Check it out!  Read More.

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Tight Roll Pants - Retro Fashion and Pop Culture Face Palm

Article: (Zones: Retro Pop Culture) We made a lot of regrettable fashion choices back in the 1980s and 1990s.  Tight rolling jeans was probably not even the worst of them.  When It Was Cool looks back at a fashion trend that made no sense, accomplished nothing, but we were darn sure going to roll on anyway.  Read More.

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100 Greatest Artists in Rock & Roll and Pop Music History

Article: (Zones: Music / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool does a scientific (and a tiny bit subjective) study on who really were the 100 greatest acts in Rock & Roll and Pop Music history.  Some of the results will come as no surprise but others will.  Where does your favorite fall?  How do Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and others compare to one another?  Take a look at one of our most popular articles ever- the When It Was Cool 100 Greatest Artists in Rock & Roll and Pop Music History! Read More.

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100 Greatest Rush Songs of All Time

Article: (Zones: Music / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool takes on the entire Rush catalog and mega-Rush fan Karl Stern picks the 100 greatest Rush songs of all time.  Is this list subjective? You bet it is!  Your list may vary greatly but you just might find a forgotten treasure or two along the way.  This is list is easily digestible for the Rush master and novice alike and is one of the most popular articles of all time at When It Was Cool.  Read More.

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