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Uphill Both Ways - Episode 51 - We’ve Only Just Begun

(04-18-2019) (Zones: Uphill Both Ways Podcast) Mike and Joseph celebrate the second anniversary of "Uphill Both Ways" on the show's latest episode, "We've Only Just Begun"! The guys discuss two topics submitted by listeners: DC superhero TV series from the seventies and eighties, and favorite songs that fall outside of their main listening genres. They also give their thoughts on the new "Shazam!" movie, and the "Black Summer" and "Killing Eve" TV series, and more. It's a jam-packed, fun-filled anniversary show! Uphill Both Ways 051

Justice League Animated Series (2001) Retro TV Review

(04-17-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content / Superman Central) One of the best animated superhero cartoons of all time. Justice League (later revamped as the even better Justice League Unlimited) launched in 2001 as a group of DC Superheroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter team together to stop an alien invasion. It's Super Friends for a new, more sophisticated generation. Justice League Animated Series (2001) Review

GKT - Greatest Kayfabe Tournament - Match 12: Randy Orton vs Great Muta

(04-16-2019) (Zones: Wrestling / Patreon Content) The 12th match in round one of the GKT - Greatest Kayfabe Tournament takes place today and you the listener have voted for the winner! This match up takes two very different wrestlers from two different eras - Randy Orton pits the RKO against the Moonsault and Shining Wizard of the Great Muta/Keiji Muto! You have picked the winner now let's talk about the careers, biographies, and history of these two wrestling stars as they face off in this edition of the GKT! 12 GKT Tournament: Randy Orton vs Great Muta

KISS Concert Review - End of the Road Tour 2019 - Birmingham, AL BJCC

Article: (04-14-2019) (Zones: Music) ALRIGHT PEOPLE! YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU GOT THE BEST! THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD - KISS! From that iconic introduction then blasted Detroit Rock City and one of the most incredible live acts in rock and roll history took the stage in Birmingham, Alabama for the last time - KISS! This wasn’t my first time seeing KISS but it has been over twenty years since I last saw them with the big mid-1990s reunion tour featuring all the original members. Original members who were fighting, obsessing, and generally not having much fun. This version of KISS seemed to be having a lot of fun and brought that energy to the crowd on April 13, 2019 at the Birmingham, AL BJCC arena. Read More.

DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 161 - Oddities of Alaska

(04-14-2019) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes us to Alaska to take a look at the weird, odd, and unusual stops in the northern most of the United States. From Santa Claus literally home to the Wizard Oz, Alaska has some odd and unusual places you might not think to visit nestled among the incredible natural scenery the state is so famous for. So next time you're whale or iceberg watching in the great white north don't forget about Earthquake park too. Our Patreons get an ad free version of the show with bonus content.

DragonKing Dark Podcast 161 (Free Show)

DragonKing Dark Podcast 161 (Ad Free Extended Version) presents: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast - Episode 118 - Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Triple H - Undisputed WWF Championship - WWF Backlash 2002

(04-13-2019) (Zones: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast) The When It Was Cool Podcast Network and presents the 118th installment of Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast!  The Dirty Dawg Darsie is joined by Joe Drilling from On the Stick to discuss "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan challenging Triple H for the Undisputed WWF Championship at WWF Backlash 2002!  They talk about the New World Order joining the WWE, Steve Austin walking out of the company, Brock Lesnar's rise, and so much more!

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When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast - Episode 13 - Incredible Hulk, G.I. Joe, Preacher, Youngblood, Detective Comics 1000

(04-12-2019) (Zones: When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast) In this episode of the When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast, host Karl takes a look at 4 retro comics and one landmark current comic book. Reviewed in this episode are: Incredible Hulk 181 which features the first appearance of Wolverine, Preacher issue 1 one of our 100 greatest comic books of all time, Youngblood issue 1 from Image, G.I. Joe issue 94 where we get our first real look at Snake Eyes, and finally the landmark Detective Comics issue 1000 with several Batman stories in one issue.

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When It Was Cool Podcast - Episode 72 - Pet Semetary and Shazam Reviews

(04-11-2019) (Zones: When It Was Cool Podcast) It's the flagship podcast of and on this week's show hosts Karl and Tonya discuss their marathon Saturday at the movies watching the new Pet Semetary and Shazam! In lead up to this, Karl & Tonya also watched the original Pet Semetary and Pet Semetary II and boy was one of those a doozy. Pet Semetary is a bizarre film that left us bewildered and unsatisfied while Shazam was a fun home run of a film. Let's talk two current movies about two retro topics on the new When It Was Cool Podcast! Patreons get an ad free version of the show.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Retro Movie Review

(04-10-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content) This is our final (for now) review of an Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) movie wrapping up with the 2008 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull affair. This movie was a true mixed bag. While it is generally negatively reviewed by critics there are some highlight moments as well. There are also some low lights and a return of the most hateable character in the Indiana Jones franchise. Join Karl from When It Was Cool as he takes a look back at this divisive movie and the future of the Indiana Jones franchise. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Movie Review

DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast - Episode 08 - Fall Guys, Southeastern Wrestling, Continental Wrestling 1986

(04-09-2019) (Zones: Wrestling / Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast) On this edition of the Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast, we continue our look back at the 1937 insider wrestling book Fall Guys and discuss more about the era of the Gold Dust Trio and pro wrestling's evolution from serious work to more cartoonish work, evolution of many insider terms in wrestling, and a lot about Toots Mondt. Then we look at some more 1983 SECW results including the arrival of Super Olympia (Arn Anderson). Then our retro TV review is from November 1986 Continental Wrestling and features Kevin Sullivan, his head hunters, Ron Fuller, The Nightmares, Jerry Stubbs & Dirty White Boy as a tag team and more! DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast 08

Shazam! Movie Review - Captain Marvel - Shazam! Updated and Expanded Article Looking at the Classic Character

Article: (04-08-2018) Karl from When It Was Cool takes a look at one of the most iconic characters in comics - Captain Marvel (Shazam).  Now with his own movie, Shazam is more in the pop culture spotlight than he has been in decades.  In this article we take a look at the various incarnations and live action appearances of one of the earliest and greatest superheroes- Captain Marvel - Shazam! and review the new hit movie Shazam! Read More.

DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 160 - Oddities of Alabama

(04-07-2019) Host Karl Stern is back this week with a new DragonKing Dark Podcast beginning a new occasional series looking at odd, weird, and interesting places across the world. We begin in his home state of Alabama with such curiosities as the original Mardi Gras (it wasn't in New Orleans), plus the ghostly face in the court house window (which you can still see), and many more. It's a statewide tour of strange facts and places! Patreon supporters get an ad free edition of the show with bonus content.

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DragonKing Dark Podcast 160 (Ad Free Extended Version) - Click Here presents: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast - Episode 117 - Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho - WWF European Championship - April 3rd, 2000 - WWF Monday Night Raw

(04-06-2019) (Zones: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast) The When It Was Cool Podcast Network and presents the 117th installment of Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast with the Dirty Dawg Darsie!  Mike Sempervive of joined the Dawg to discuss Eddie Guerrero challenging Chris Jericho for the WWF European title on the April 3rd, 2000 WWF Monday Night Raw!  They talk about the Radicals jumping ship, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff heading WCW creative, Chyna being paired up with Jericho and Guerrero, Latino Heat, and so much more!

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When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast - Episode 12 - Black Panther, KISS, Savage Dragon, DC Comics Presents, Scalped

(04-05-2019) (Zones: When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast) On this edition of the When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast, host Karl takes a look at five retro comic books including KISS Classics issue 1 (reprinting the Marvel 1970s KISS material), Scalped issue 5, Black Panther issue 2, Savage Dragon issue 1, and Marvel Comics Presents featuring a team up between Superman and Dr. Fate. Patreon supporters get a bonus review and more! It's your weekly blast of comic book nostalgia!

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Uphill Both Ways - Episode 50 - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

(04-04-2019) (Zones: Uphill Both Ways Podcast) Mike and Joseph discuss some of the best-loved television theme songs from the seventies and eighties (and a few earlier ones) on "Where Everybody Knows Your Name," the latest episode of the "Uphill Both Ways" podcast. Join them for this and other pop culture nostalgia fun on the show's fiftieth episode! Uphill Both Ways 050

Super Friends (1973) Retro TV Review

(04-03-2019) (Zones: Superman Central / Patreon Content) Oh yes! My favorite cartoon as a kid was the Super Friends which was just the kid friendly Saturday morning cartoon name for DC Comics Justice League of America. Season one featured a small cast of characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman along with their sidekicks Marvin, Wendy, and Wonder Dog. The entire series is on the new DC Universe app and we will feature selected episodes from time to time. The first episode is pretty funny as the script writers apparently thought the show was ridiculous and slipped in a few funny lines. Join us as Karl reviews the Super Friends! Super Friends (1973) SE1 EP1 Retro TV Review

Karl Stern Mail Bag Show Podcast - Episode 04 - WWF June 1982, Plan B, Continental Wrestling, and more!

(04-02-2019) (Zones: Wrestling / Patreon Content) On this edition of the Karl Stern Mailbag Show Karl answers questions about Continental Championship Wrestling, Jesse McMahon and the Gold Dust Trio, Memphis video question, the Mario Galento tape and Plan B questions. Then a retro TV review of WWF Championship Wrestling from June 12, 1982 featuring the debut of Salvatore Bellomo, Ivan Putski, an ill fated tag team, Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito, Buddy Rose, Tony Atlas, and Pedro Morales as Intercontinental champion (who Vince dogs out on commentary). Karl Stern Mail Bag Podcast 04

NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast - Episode 74 - Metallica Garage Days Re-Revisited

(04-01-2019) (Zones: NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast) The Thrash Metal Show Podcast is back and NoFriender has a look at a budget record from the masters of thrash metal - Metallica! In 1987 Metallica had just replaced the late Cliff Burton with Jason Newsted and released an EP of cover songs including the fan favorite Last Caress/Green Hell. On this episode of the Thrash Metal Show host NoFriender takes a look back at Metallica Garage Days Re-Revisited.

Also check out our concert review of Metallica - here.

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DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 159 - The Bees Are Dying

(03-31-2019) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) There is a major crisis happening all around us and most people are completely oblivious to it.  Should this crisis come to fruition the food chain will collapse. Over half of the foods stocked in your local grocery store will disappear. Your fruits will be gone. Your vegetables will be gone. Cattle will die so your beef will be gone.  And it's happening right now. It's observable, testable, and provable.  The bees are dying and they are a hugely important step in the food chain. On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl shows you some peer reviewed research to illustrate the situation and in the second half of the show is joined by Tonya from to discuss what you can do to save the bees.

DragonKing Dark Podcast 159 (Free Show)

DragonKing Dark Podcast 159 (Ad Free Extended Version)

The 100 Greatest Comic Book Stories of All Time - The Most Popular Article at When It Was Cool

(Zones: Comics / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool has crunched the numbers using dozens of Best of Comics, Greatest Comic Books, and Must Read Comic Book Stories lists.  We have polled the visitors to When It Was Cool and these are the 100 Greatest Comic Book Single Issues, Comic Book Runs, and Graphic Novels of all time! Where did your favorite comic book or comic book story rank on the top 100 comics of all time list? Check it out!  Read More.

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