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DragonKing Dark Podcast - Dark Superhero Movies - Episode 171

(06-23-2019) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) Recently at we took a look at the 100 Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time. This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a deeper dive into the list to pick out the movies which have more of a horror or occult theme to them. Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Dark Man, Blade, and more. DragonKing Dark is your weekly dose of the strange, bizarre, odd, and unusual. Patreons get an ad free extended version of the show and this week we take a look at recent comments and questions from our Patreons.

DragonKing Dark Podcast 171 (Free Show)

DragonKing Dark Podcast 171 (Ad Free Extended Version)

The Captor Film Review

(06-24-2019) (Zones: The Rabbit Hole) Canadian writer director Robert Budreau’s The Captor (originally titled Stockholm) takes a fictionalized, offbeat, dark comedy approach to the real-life failed bank robbery that gave birth to the term and syndrome Stockholm Syndrome. Although liberties are freely taken with Jan-Eric Olsson’s 1973 heist attempt and taking of hostages, the film delivers a highly entertaining story and terrific performances by Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace, and their costars. Join Joseph Perry as he tells you all about this film. Read More. presents: Wrestling With the Dawg - Episode 128 - Steve Austin & Rick Rude vs. Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes - WCW Great American Bash 1992

The When It Was Cool Podcast Network and presents the 128th edition of Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast with the Dirty Dawg Darsie! Joe Drilling from On the Stick Network joins the Dawg to discuss Steve Austin and Rick Rude vs. Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes from WCW Great American Bash 1992! Joe and the Dawg talk about the NWA World Tag Team title tournament, a brief NWA World Tag title history, the Big Gold Belt being sold back to WCW, Vader holding World titles in four different countries, Jesse Ventura's awesome suit jacket, and so much more!

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Marvel Universe in Order Podcast - Journey Into Mystery 86 - Episode 22

(06-21-2019) (Zones: Marvel Universe in Order Podcast) The Marvel Universe in Order Podcast is revived again with a new episode. Journey Into Mystery issue 86 features Thor, with the aid of Odin, traveling into the future to retrieve a stolen weapon. This issue is basically Thor dropped into a sci-fi adventure. Would it have future ramifications for the Marvel Universe? Listen and find out as Karl from takes a look at Journey Into Mystery issue 86! Marvel Universe in Order Podcast 022

When It Was Cool Podcast - Episode 77 - Classic Rock, Bad Ronald, and more!

(06-20-2019) On this episode of the When It Was Cool Podcast from Karl and Tonya discuss what happened to classic rock and why is rock music apparently dead, despite still being the most widely played music genre world wide. Dead and Company, Rush, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, and more are discussed. Then we review the amazing 1974 made for TV movie Bad Ronald and boy is it something else! From soda pops to retro TV and more! This is the When It Was Cool Podcast!

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The Waltons (1971) Retro TV Review Podcast

(06-19-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content) Set in the depression era from the fictional town of Walton's Mountain, WV, this classic 1971 family drama told the story of the Walton family, a large multiple generation family living in the same house and their struggles. This is about as wholesome a show as you'll find on TV. Your mother probably loved it, mine did.  I watched The Waltons mostly in re-runs. Karl and Tonya from When It Was Cool sat down and watched season 1 episode 1 and here are our thoughts. The Waltons (1971) Retro TV Review

Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Podcast - 1978 - Episode 50

(06-18-2019) (Zones: Long Form History of Wrestling Podcast) Karl "DragonKingKarl" Stern is back for another deep dive into pro wrestling history. This episode we take a detailed look at 1978 and cover such names as Superstar Billy Graham, Harley Race, the Funk Brothers, Stan Hansen, Ted DiBiase, Bob Backlund, UWA Mexico, Japanese tournaments, and the death of John Pesek. From the home of the Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling project this is the long form history of pro wrestling - 1978! Long Form History of Pro Wrestling 50

Check out the Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling Project - here

Marvel Universe in Order Podcast - Collected Edition 02 - Fantastic Four 5 to Strange Tales 101

(06-17-2019) (Zones: Marvel Universe in Order Podcast) The second ten collected episodes of the Marvel Universe in Order Podcast from featuring reviews of Fantastic Four issue 5,6,7 Amazing Fantasy issue 15 featuring the 1st appearance of Spider-Man, Journey Into Mystery 83, 84, 85 (Thor), Incredible Hulk 3, Tales to Astonish 35 (Ant Man), and Strange Tales 101. Support When It Was Cool on Patreon for more podcasts like this one!. If you enjoy, please support us on Patreon.

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100 Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time List

(06-08-2019) (Zones: The 100 Lists) It’s time for another massive When It Was Cool ranking of pop culture and retro pop culture. We’ve poured over tons of “Best of” and “Greatest” lists of superhero movies, averaged all the rankings, and have come out with the consensus 100 best superhero movies of all time list! These range from the big boys like Marvel and DC to smaller films you may have forgotten. From the 1950s to 2019 this list is packed with the 100 greatest superhero films you’ll ever see! Read More.

After you read the article, be sure to check out our free podcast special counting down and commenting on the 100 best superhero movies ever! (There is also an ad free version for our Patreon supporters)

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 55 - Free Fallin’

(06-13-2019) The guys share their thoughts on the latest Godzilla movie, talk a little old-school wrestling, Mike reveals his Mixtape Challenge and his secret love of the film 'Convoy' while Joe admits never having seen the movie despite his family having a CB radio when he was a kid. Oh, and there are some POP CULTURE BATTLE ROYALE second round results as well. All this and more are covered in episode 55, "Free Fallin'". From

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The Outer Limits (1963) Retro TV Review

(06-12-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content) As you know, I am a big fan of the Twilight Zone (which we have previously done a review for). Today at host Karl Stern takes a look at a similar show with a sci-fi twist called The Outer Limits. After watching season one, episode one I was reminded what a high quality show this was for the time. In the first episode a radio station owner makes contact with an alien being. Of course, it goes wrong but in a unique way. Also, lots of social commentary for this time period and many similarities with another show we reviewed. Come join us for a look at The Outer Limits! The Outer Limits (1963) TV Show

Rocketman Elton John Biopic Movie Review - I’m Still Standing

(06-10-2019) (Zones: Music)I really can’t say enough great things about Rocketman, I really can’t. I love how the biopic was based on Elton John’s childhood and some highlights (and a lot of lowlights) of his early career. The movie blasts us into outer space as it dives into Elton’s music career, his dive into alcohol and drug abuse, and his struggle in life as a homosexual who never was never unconditionally loved by his self-centered mother and middle class working father. Join Eric Darsie with his review of Rocketman. Read More.

Marvel Universe in Order Podcast - Collected Edition 01 - Fantastic Four 1 to Amazing Fantasy 14

(06-10-2019) (Zones: Marvel Universe in Order Podcast) Free for the first time are the first ten episodes of the Marvel Universe in Order Podcast from This podcast reviews the Marvel Universe comic books in chronological order. This episode covers Fantastic Four 1, Fantastic Four 2, Tales to Astonish 27 (Ant Man), Fantastic Four 3, Tales to Astonish 29, Incredible Hulk 1, Fantastic Four 4, Tales to Astonish 32, Incredible Hulk 2, and Amazing Fantasy 14 (a proto X-Men story). If you enjoy, please support us on Patreon.

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DragonKing Dark Podcast - Curse of the Poltergeist - Episode 169

(06-09-2019) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) Host Karl Stern continues his look at various curses in pop culture and today he looks at all the strange and tragic events surrounding the Poltergeist series of movies. A young star dies of an unexpected health emergency, another is murdered, and others still befall a series of bizarre calamities. DragonKing Dark Podcast is your weekly look into the odd, strange, and weird and is part of the podcast family.

DragonKing Dark Podcast 169 (Free Show)

DragonKing Dark Podcast 169 (Ad Free Extended Version)

When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast - Episode 15 - Thanos Quest, Ghost Rider fights Jaws, Powers, Turok, and more!

(06-07-2019) (Zones: When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast) On this episode of the When It Was Cool Comic Review Podcast- before Avengers: Endgame there was Infinity Gauntlet and before there was Infinity Gauntlet there was Thanos Quest. On this episode we look at how Thanos gathered the Infinity Stones in the comics. Plus Powers issue 1 and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter issue 1 and a 1970s issue of Ghost Rider that people hated featuring... I kid you not.... Jaws!

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When It Was Cool Podcast - Episode 76 - Storage Units, Superhero Movies, Rolling Stones

(06-06-2019) (Zones: When It Was Cool Podcast) On this episode of the When It Was Cool flagship podcast from, hosts Karl and Tonya discuss a recent experience with a storage unit auction/clearance that's both interesting, sad, and even macabre. Karl talks about the upcoming mega-article at WIWC the 100 Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time. Then on the second half of the show they discuss their upcoming concert schedule including seeing The Rolling Stones at the Superdome in New Orleans next month! All this and much more on the new When It Was Cool podcast!  Patreons get an ad free version of the show.

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The Greatest American Hero (1981) Retro TV Review Podcast Special

(06-05-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content) Believe it or not, I'm walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee! You know the words so sing along! Today on our When It Was Cool retro TV review I travel back in time to 1981 to watch this TV superhero drama the Greatest American Hero. To say this show did not age well is an understatement. Greatest American Hero couldn't figure out if it was a drama, adventure, or comedy so it did all three in a very mediocre fashion. Come join host Karl Stern as he relives this early 1980s show with a memorable theme song. Greatest American Hero (1981) Retro TV Review

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When It Was Cool Newsletter - Issue 2 - Tons of Pro Wrestling History

(05-30-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content) Issue 2 of the When It Was Cool Newsletter is packed with tons of pro wrestling notes as I continue to work on building the Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling Zone. There are lots of notes on the death of Frank Gotch and the craziness surrounding his injury, attempted comeback, and death. There are also lots of early 1980s notes as I’ve been researching that era as well. If you are a fan of pro wrestling history then this, over 40 page newsletter, is for you. Be sure to also get the audio companion as well. All of this is available to any Patreon of $1 or more.

When It Was Cool Newsletter issue 2 - Click Here

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Game of Thrones (2011) TV Series Review Podcast

(05-29-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content) Game of Thrones, the mega-popular HBO series has now ended and the story is complete.  Tonya and I have watched the entire series and this is our series review. THERE ARE SPOILERS! We discuss the massive number of major storylines which ran throughout the series and how they all wrapped up. What happened to the major characters in the end, who ended up on the Iron Throne, who got shafted, and whose characters met an interesting fate. Game of Thrones TV Series Review Podcast

The 100 Greatest Comic Book Stories of All Time - The Most Popular Article at When It Was Cool

(Zones: Comics / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool has crunched the numbers using dozens of Best of Comics, Greatest Comic Books, and Must Read Comic Book Stories lists.  We have polled the visitors to When It Was Cool and these are the 100 Greatest Comic Book Single Issues, Comic Book Runs, and Graphic Novels of all time! Where did your favorite comic book or comic book story rank on the top 100 comics of all time list? Check it out!  Read More.

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