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Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast - Episode 059 - the nWo vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock - March 11th, 2002 - WWF Monday Night Raw

Podcast: (02-24-2018) (Zone: Wrestling With the Dawg Podcast) On the 59th edition of Wrestling With the Dawg, the Dirty Dawg Darsie is joined by his older brother Dave to discuss the nWo taking on the Rock and Steve Austin on the March 11th, 2002 edition of WWF Monday Night Raw! They discuss what potential the New World Order could have added if brought in during the WCW/ECW invasion in 2001, who else could have faced Hollywood Hogan and Scott Hall at WrestleMania X8, and so much more! Wrestling With the Dawg 059

Marvel Universe in Order Podcast - Episode 16 - Fantastic Four 6

Podcast: (02-23-2018) (Zones: Marvel Universe in Order Podcast) On this edition of the Marvel Universe in Order Podcast, host Karl takes a look at the Fantastic Four issue 6 which features our first super villain team-up in the 616 Universe as Namor the Sub-Mariner teams up with Dr. Doom to take on the Fantastic Four.  However, trouble is brewing and a double cross is coming.  Also, Reed Richards remains the dumbest smartest man on Earth.  Marvel Universe in Order Podcast 16

Classic Rock Talk including Prince, Sinead O'connor, Donnie Iris, Nazareth, W.A.S.P., Damn Yankees, Rush, Grateful Dead, and more!

Podcast: (02-22-2018) (Zones: When It Was Cool Podcast) Today Karl and Tonya from When It Was Cool sit down and talk about what they are listening to recently.  Tonya just bought a giant Prince collection and also talks Sinead O'connor.  Karl introduces Tonya to the greatness that is Donnie Iris and watch the greatest performance in the history of ever - Ah, Leah. Karl and Tonya have two different reactions to Nazareth.  Tonya remembers W.A.S.P. but doesn't know Sepultura and Karl has written a new article on Rush and they talk about the Grateful Dead and Dead and Company.  Plus Damn Yankees, Bad Company, and more.  A fun retro rock edition of the flagship When It Was Cool Podcast from WhenItWasCool.com 

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Captain America (1944) Serial Movie Review

Article & Podcast: (02-21-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) Join When It Was Cool editor Karl Stern with this look back at the 1944 Republic serialized film adventure Captain America!  This 15 part serial series used a man in a Captain America costume playing a character with essentially none of the elements of the Marvel Comics character.  The lead actor even died a few weeks after filming from a heart attack after being cast slightly overweight to play Captain America.  If it sounds like this serial is horrible, surprisingly, it isn't.  It also isn't really Captain America either.  Read More.

Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series - Part 28 - Post World War II and the Formation of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

Podcast: (02-20-2018) (Zones: Wrestling / Digital Downloads) In this episode of our continuing series on the history of pro wrestling we look at the years 1946-1948 where we see the build up and the formation of the National Wrestling Alliance.  Why were there so many world champions at this point? How did the NWA really form?  Was Orville Brown really the first NWA World champion and why him?  Plus we talk about names like Sandor Szabo, Sonny Myers, Frank Sexton, Lou Thesz, Steve Casey, and more. Long Form History of Wrestling 28

The Lodgers Film Review

Article: (02-20-2018) (Zones: Horror) Fans of classic gothic horror cinema such as The Others, The Woman in Black, The Innocents, and The Haunting will want to see director Brian O’Malley’s new Irish chiller The Lodgers. The sense of dread is palpable, and the atmospheric visuals are ominous and beautiful.  In this review article, Joseph Perry takes a look at this chilling new film.  Read More.

NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast - Episode 046 - Brazil and Sepultura

Podcast: (02-19-2018) (Zones: NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast) NoFriender continues his amazing look at the origins and evolution of thrash heavy metal.  This episode takes a look at the thrash heavy metal scene in Brazil and the band Sepultura.  This incredible podcast, exclusive to the When It Was Cool website, has been amazing.  Check out all the parts for a complete understanding of the origins, development, and evolution of thrash heavy metal. Thrash Metal Show Podcast 046

DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 101 - The Great Train Wreck Show

Podcast: (02-18-2018) (Zones: DragonKing Dark Podcast) This edition of DragonKing Dark is something else.  The first half of the show is fine.  Host Karl Stern reads some listener emails and has a serious discussion about the line between life and death with listener feedback.  Then the second half of the show we do news of the weird and odd and that is when Karl breaks with the ridiculous quality of the news and then intentionally drives the show straight into the ground.  You will laugh, you will cry, and you might even cry laughing.  DragonKing Dark Podcast 101

Rush No More:  Is It Time for a Lee-Lifeson Experience?

Article: (02-17-2018) (Zones: Music) Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricists of Rush has retired but recently Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson dropped some new guitar tracks for California based band Fu Manchu.  In August 2017, rock DJ Eddie Trunk ignited a firestorm of speculation about a band featuring Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson touring without Peart.  It turns out, there was nothing to that.  But now, with a little time, a little space, and a shining example out there of how to do it right, could the time finally be right for the Lee-Lifeson Experience to hit the road?  Read More.

Uphill Both Ways - Episode 22 - 1980s Sitcoms and Prime Time TV!

Podcast: (02-15-2018) (Zones: Uphill Both Ways Podcast) Mike Imboden and Joseph Perry return with their bi-weekly look at retro nostalgia and pop culture.  Hosts Joseph Perry and Mike Imboden take on your favorite (and some not so favorite) sitcoms and prime time shows of the 1980s.  You'll discover that Joseph was aghast when Mike tells him the ending of Alf! Other shows discussed include Silver Spoons, Alice, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, Diff'rent Strokes, Webster, and more!  This show is a retro blast of fun! Uphill Both Ways 22

When It Was Cool Podcast is available on most Podcast player apps.  If you want to add our RSS feed manually to your favorite podcasting app or downloader the feed address is - http://whenitwascool.libsyn.com/rss

Batman and Robin (1949) Serial Movie Review

Article & Podcast: (02-14-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) Join When It Was Cool with this look back at the 1949 follow-up to The Batman titled simply Batman and Robin.  Released as a 15 part serial series in 1949 this Batman adventure featured all new actors, better stories, and significantly worse costuming.  This Columbia Pictures feature met with great success at the time and we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly costumes of this great old-timey classic.  Read More.

DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour - Episode 23 - Mailbag on Strangler Lewis, The Spoiler (not that one), and Bobby Heenan, Plus Reviews of Southeastern & WWF Wrestling

(02-13-2018) (Zones: Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast) On the latest edition of the DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast, host Karl Stern jumps into the Patreon mailbag for a great series of questions with topics including - Was Ed "Strangler" Lewis really that tough? Who was the other Ed White / The Spoiler?  Discussion about Bobby Heenan on commentary.  Breakdowns of house shows from Southeastern Championship Wrestling and WWF. DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour 23

The Batman - 1943 Movie Serial Review

Article & Podcast: (02-07-2018) (Zones: Comic Books) You win some and you lose some.  Unfortunately, the 1943 Columbia movie serial The Batman is a real loser.  From terrible casting to overt in-your-face propagandized racism, there is little to love about the first appearance of the Batman on film.  Join When It Was Cool editor Karl Stern as he takes a look back in this free article (accompanied by a Patreon exclusive audio podcast) at the first time Batman appeared on film and what happened next!  Read More.

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival - Lyle and Pin Cushion Reviews

Article: (02-07-2018) (Zones: Horror) Joseph Perry reviews two films from the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival with echoes of classic horror movies, held February 1–3 in Berlin, Germany. American independent feature Lyle is a modern riff on Rosemary’s Baby, and British drama Pin Cushion recalls Carrie in its tale of high school bullying.  Join film connoisseur extraordinaire Joseph Perry in his review of these two great new features.  Read More.

When It Was Cool Asks the Hard Questions: Superman - Red Shorts or No Shorts?

Article: (02-01-2018) (Zones: Comics) The comic book and movie community is divided.  The world is at war.  The hard question must be asked: Do you prefer your Superman with or without red shorts?  Yeah, it's not the most pressing question in the world but fans seem genuinely divided over Superman's shorts.  In this article, When It Was Cool editor Karl Stern talks about why it both does and does not matter.  Read More

Rock & Roll Music Collection and Talk When It Was Cool Podcast Special

Podcast: (01-31-2018) (Zones: Music / Digital Downloads) On today's When It Was Cool Podcast special for Patreon's at the $5 and higher support level, host Karl Stern takes you on a fun, hilarious, and informative trip through his own personal music collection.  With concert and song memories from acts like Chicago, The Eagles, Don Henley, Don Williams, Hank Williams Jr, Willie Nelson, Rush, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Journey, Foreigner, Loverboy (~!), KENNY FREAKIN ROGERS, 2-Pac, NWA, Snoop Dogg, Easy E, Nazareth, Styx, and so many more! When It Was Cool Music Podcast Special

Twelve Rock Music Tours to Watch for in Spring 2018

Article: (01-24-2018) (Zones: Music) Joseph Perry takes a look at 12 rock music tours to watch for in the Spring of 2018.  An eclectic mix of hard rock, heavy metal, electronica, and pop rock with acts like Judas Priest, Saxon, Y&T, The Wedding Present, Vundabar, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Peter Hook and the Light, Ought, David Byrne, The Darkness, George Clinton, and more taking to the road this Spring.  Joseph has your who, what, when, and where for an exciting concert season kicking off in 2018 and When It Was Cool is here for all your rock and roll needs!  Read More.

The 100 Greatest Comic Book Stories of All Time

Article: (Zones: Comics / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool has crunched the numbers using dozens of Best of Comics, Greatest Comic Books, and Must Read Comic Book Stories lists.  We have polled the visitors to When It Was Cool and these are the 100 Greatest Comic Book Single Issues, Comic Book Runs, and Graphic Novels of all time! Where did your favorite comic book or comic book story rank on the top 100 comics of all time list? Check it out!  Read More.

Tight Roll Pants - Retro Fashion and Pop Culture Face Palm

Article: (Zones: Retro Pop Culture) We made a lot of regrettable fashion choices back in the 1980s and 1990s.  Tight rolling jeans was probably not even the worst of them.  When It Was Cool looks back at a fashion trend that made no sense, accomplished nothing, but we were darn sure going to roll on anyway.  Read More.

100 Greatest Artists in Rock & Roll and Pop Music History

Article: (Zones: Music / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool does a scientific (and a tiny bit subjective) study on who really were the 100 greatest acts in Rock & Roll and Pop Music history.  Some of the results will come as no surprise but others will.  Where does your favorite fall?  How do Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and others compare to one another?  Take a look at one of our most popular articles ever- the When It Was Cool 100 Greatest Artists in Rock & Roll and Pop Music History! Read More.

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100 Greatest Rush Songs of All Time

Article: (Zones: Music / The 100 Lists) When It Was Cool takes on the entire Rush catalog and mega-Rush fan Karl Stern picks the 100 greatest Rush songs of all time.  Is this list subjective? You bet it is!  Your list may vary greatly but you just might find a forgotten treasure or two along the way.  This is list is easily digestible for the Rush master and novice alike and is one of the most popular articles of all time at When It Was Cool.  Read More.