Heidi Pocketbook Doll (Remco 1964) Review

By: Karl & Tonya from When It Was Cool (@wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

Heidi pocketbook doll by remco

Heidi pocketbook doll by remco

This was a cool little find by Tonya at the Ghost Town Flea Market on highway 72 in Athens, Alabama (near Huntsville).  The flea market itself was a really neat place and we will have an article about it soon.  Hanging inside the main building was this neat little circa 1964 Heidi Pocketbook Doll by Remco.

The doll is missing some of her clothing and the original pocketbook is broken and now comes completely apart but we gave virtually nothing for the doll.  There are quite a few of these on eBay and they range in price given condition but some of the more mint versions are currently selling above $50 so we felt pretty good about this one.  Plus, it's just a really neat little doll and perfect for When It Was Cool.

Originally, the doll had an action feature.  By pressing a small button on her belly she would wave.  Actually, she would throw her hand up in a sudden motion but Remco called it a wave.  You can check out the action feature at work in the video below of the original television commercial for the Heidi Pocketbook Doll then be sure to watch our review from our YouTube channel.