Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1878

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 82 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


07-20-1878: George Hackenschmidt is born in Dorpat, Russia.

11-23-1878: In Chicago, IL, a wrestling match between Col. James H. McLaughlin and John McMahon for $1000 a side bet (some reports claim $4000), Collar & Elbow, best two out of three and for McMahon’s Canadian & Pacific Coast Collar & Elbow titles and whatever championships McLaughlin held takes place. The general opinion before the match was that McMahon would win and this belief found it’s backing in the betting pools at the rate of two to one in private bets with large odds on McMahon.

Col. James H. McLaughlin was much larger than McMahon at 243 pounds to 204 pounds. The first fall went to McLaughlin at 22:00. The second fall went to McMahon in 25:00. McMahon took the third and final fall in 30:00. This won the match and secured the championships for John McMahon. According to newspaper reports there was no question to the legitimacy of the match. The referee was F.F. Clark.

John McMahon.jpg

John McMahon

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