Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1918

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 82 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


02-08-1918: Earl Caddock defeated Wladek Zbyszko in Des Moines, IA to retain the World title and to win and unify it with an off-shoot championship held by Zbyszko.

03-14-1918: Young Hackenschmidt (Neil Olsen) defeats Louis Nelson in New York to win the World Welterweight title.

04-26-1918: Ed “Strangler” Lewis goes to a two hour draw with Joe Stecher at Madison Square Garden.

05-08-1918: Earl Caddock again defeats Wladek Zbyszko in Chicago, IL to retain the World title… A new title belt costing $2,250 was shown to newspapers to be awarded to the winner of the May 10 Ed “Strangler” Lewis verses Wladek Zbyszko match. Promoters from different parts of the country contributed to the cost of the belt which would become property of the champion after five successful defenses… Ed “Strangler” Lewis marries Dr. Ada Scott in Mercer, PA.

05-10-1918: Ed “Strangler” Lewis defeated Wladek Zbyszko by decision in Louisville, KY.

06-21-1918: In a clash of two world champions, the linear world champion Joe Stecher defeats Ed “Strangler” Lewis in Des Moines, IA to retain the World title. Lewis continues to bill himself as world champion based on another version of the title.

Earl Caddock.jpg

Earl Caddock

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