Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1923

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 83 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


01-04-1923: Charlie Renthrop wins the World lightweight title from Clarence Eklund in Sheridan, WY.

01-17-1923: In Portland, OR Ted Thye, who for many years was undefeated in Portland, lost to Mike Yokel who was described as a “stocky veteran” and the newspaper called him, “one of the toughest men alive and almost as old as the great Stanislaus Zbyszko.” It was the first time Thye had lost in Portland in nearly ten years.

01-25-1923: Nat Pendleton has his famous shoot match with John Pesek. Pendleton, a former Olympic silver medalist, had put up a large bond to face any challenger. The challenge was accepted by “The Unknown”. “The Unknown” turned out to be famous shooter John Pesek. Pesek wins by hooking Pendleton with an ankle lock injuring him.

01-26-1923: Clarence Eklund regains the World lightweight title from Charlie Rentrop.

02-18-1923: A case before Judge James S. Baldwin involving wrestling “fixing” is heard. A.B. Snyder of Sioux City, IA alleges that a wrestling match between Johnny Meyers and Ralph Parcaut was “fixed”. He was seeking to collect $1,600 he bet on the April 1922 match in which Meyers was declared the winner.

03-11-1923: Mohammad Ali Sunni wins the New Zealand title from Alex Anderson in Napier, New Zealand.

12-31-1923: Ed “Strangler” Lewis defeats Taro Miyake for the Jujitsu championship of the world in Chicago, IL.

Nat Pendelton.jpg

Nat Pendelton

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