Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1957

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)


01-24-1957: High School wrestler Bill Watts scored a 10-4 decision over Jack Walcott to cap a high school wrestling victory for Putnam City, Oklahoma over Northwest.

03-30-1957: Vince McMahon crowns his version of the World tag team titles in New York with Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez defeating Wildman Fargo (Jackie Fargo) & Don Stevens (Donny Fargo). The belts are soon abandoned.

04-01-1957: Technical wrestling great Danny Hodge appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated, one of only two professional wrestlers ever to do so.

04-09-1957: Mike Clancy defeats Fred Blassie in Nashville, TN to reclaim the held up NWA World Junior title.

04-30-2019: Rikidozan signs a contract in St. Louis, MO to wrestle NWA World champion Lou Thesz for the title in Japan.

05-14-1957: Big Van Vader (Leon White) is born.

05-22-1957: A record 12,000 fans turn out in Mobile, AL at Ladd Memorial Stadium to see the finals of the Gulf Coast title tournament. Edouardo Perez defeats Lee Fields for the title.

06-14-1957: Edouardo Carpentier defeats Lou Thesz in Chicago, IL when Thesz cannot continue the match due to a back injury. Carpentier is given the NWA World title and announced as the new champion. The NWA, however, decides not to allow title changes due to injury and returns the title back to Thesz. Some territories continue to recognize Carpentier as world champion and this match eventually gave birth to the WWA World title based in Los Angeles, CA, which became an important belt on the west coast and in Japan.

08-10-1957: Babe Zaharias dies in Savannah, GA after a match the night before with Bibber McCoy.

09-12-1957: Roadwarrior Hawk (Michael Hegstrand) is born.

09-20-1957: Arn Anderson (Marty Lunde) is born.

10-07-1957: Rikidozan battles Lou Thesz to a time limit draw for the NWA World title in front of 30,000 people at Korakuen Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

11-14-1957: Dick Hutton defeats Lou Thesz in Toronto, Canada for the NWA World heavyweight title with an abdominal stretch submission. The match was advertised as Thesz vs Whipper Billy Watson who was a major draw there but changed to Hutton who was Thesz’s hand picked successor as champion.

11-18-1957: At a WWWF show at Madison Square Garden following a double disqualification match between Dr. Jerry Graham & Dick the Bruiser verses Antonino Rocca & Edouard Carpentier, a riot erupts. Several fans and police officers were injured in the riot and Graham and Bruiser had to literally fight their way out of the arena. The New York State Athletic Commission met as a result and fined Graham & Bruiser $1000 each and Rocca & Carpentier $500 each and banned children under 14 from attending wrestling shows and Dick the Bruiser was banned for life from wrestling in the state of New York.

11-24-1957: Satoru Sayama (AKA: Tiger Mask) is born.

Edouard Carpentier.jpg

Edouard Carpentier

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