When It Was Cool Visits the Johnny Cash Museum

By Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@dragonkingkarl.com)

Sometime ago, the When It Was Cool family visited the Johnny Cash museum in downtown Nashville, TN.  We were actually in town for no good reason, just bored on a Saturday and ended up downtown.  We saw the Johnny Cash museum and figured it to be just a tourist trap (George Jones museum is next on our list along with the Country Music Hall of Fame).  However, despite the hefty $25 per person price tag it actually turned out to be a pretty solid museum.

Our first stop was actually the Grand Ole Opry as Tonya from When It Was Cool had never seen it before.  I had been to the Grand Ole Opry many, many years ago.  Probably time to see it again, who knows how long they will keep doing it and many of the legends of the Opry have passed away.

Here is an amazing piece of history.  This is the Platinum record for Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash as certified by the RIAA.

Folsom Grammy.jpg

Here is the Grammy that Johnny Cash won for Folsom Prison Blues along with the handwritten lyrics to the song.

This cabinet and display pieces are all from the home of Johnny Cash and were displayed prominently in the "Hurt" music video.  Below is the chair that Johnny Cash sat in during the video.  I am a giant fan of that song and video.  Even though Johnny Cash didn't write the song (Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails did, originally it was one of their songs) it was a perfect farewell song for Cash and the video is one of the best artistic video pieces ever produced.

The Grammy award for the Johnny Cash "Hurt" Video in 2003.

The Johnny Cash "Hurt" video.  One of the greatest music videos of all time.

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