January 17, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

Jerry Stubbs

Jerry Stubbs

I continue my series looking at NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling from 1981 with the third television show of the year.  If you missed last weeks episode check it out here.

From the time stamp on the show it looks like this will not be a complete episode and since the tape starts off with Charlie Platt and Les Thatcher introducing the show that means the main event will probably be clipped off again.  Last week the theme of the show was a tournament in Birmingham, Alabama at Boutwell Auditorium for a 1980 Corvette.  We may or may not find out who won the car.

Charlie Platt and Les Thatcher tell us that we will be seeing Paul Orndorff and Robert Gibson in action for the first time today on television.  Robert's brother Rick Gibson had previously been a star in the area and will wrestle in the area on and off for a few more years.  Ultimately, of course, Robert Gibson ends up in Memphis in a couple of years teaming with Ricky Morton and the two form the Hall of Fame tag team combination of the Rock & Roll Express.

Charlie Platt informs us that since last week's television show Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose have regained the NWA Southeastern tag team titles from Bob & Brad Armstrong.  Also Jimmy Golden defeated Jerry Stubbs for the NWA U.S. Junior title but after the match Jimmy Golden weighed in and was found to be over the weight limit so the title was held up.  Jerry Stubbs is at the desk and wants his belt back.  Les Thatcher informs Jerry Stubbs that he will not get the belt back but instead it will be put up in a tournament.

Our first TV match is Jerry Stubbs verses Ray Harris.  Ray Harris is every non-descript enhancement wrestler you have ever seen.  Jerry Stubbs wins with a power slam.

Paul Orndorff then joins Charlie Platt and Les Thatcher at the announcer desk.  This is Orndorff's first appearance in the area.  Orndorff wouldn't be around the territory for long but you could tell he was going to be a standout.  They watch a video of Orndorff against Larry Cheatem in a squash match from the Mid-South territory.  Interestingly enough, Paul Orndorff isn't using the piledriver yet but instead a cradle suplex (perfect-plex).

For some reason we get a replay of last weeks 1980 Corvette tournament line up.  Ok, for some reason the Corvette tournament is this week instead of the previous Monday.  Maybe there wasn't a Monday night Boutwell card the previous week I'll have to sort it out but two weeks worth of promos for this 1980 Corvette is pretty boring.

We are back for more Paul Orndorff build up.  This is really the Paul Orndorff show so far.  Charlie Platt is now talking to him in front of the set and running down some of Orndorff's accomplishments.  Some real and some imagined.

Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey are now at the desk with Charlie Platt and Les Thatcher watching video of their NWA Southeastern tag team title victory over Brad & Bob Armstrong.  Randy Rose is wearing a gigantic pair of sunglasses.  This video is apparently from the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan, Alabama earlier in the week.  Rose & Condrey win after Condrey hits Bob Armstrong with some type of object he pulled out of his knee pad.

The next TV match is Ron Bass verses Ken Timbs.  Timbs was my mentor in wrestling and worked with me in the 1990's.  Prior to this Ken had been working as an enhancement talent in Georgia and he is in here now as an enhancement worker but would get a few pushes in the Southeastern area along the way.  Ron Bass beats Timbs with an elbow drop.

Brad Armstrong is out for an interview.  Bob has been held up on business according to Brad but he expects him there later.  Mr. Saito comes out to the desk and slaps Brad across the face and the two of them brawl to the ring.  Several babyfaces come out to save Brad Armstrong from a beat down at the hands of Mr. Saito.

Robert Gibson cuts a promo and announces his return to the area.

Then we have Robert Gibson in action against Jimmy Jones.  Seeing Robert Gibson wrestle in short trunks is disturbing.  According to his promo he may be programmed to face Ron Bass.  During the match Bob Armstrong shows up at the desk wanting to know what happened to his boy.  Bob then challenges Mr. Saito.  Robert Gibson botches a leap frog and drop kick but wins with a roll up out of the corner.

We go directly from that match to Mr. Saito (NWA Alabama champion) verses Charles Odom.  I have a feeling this one ends with a Bob Armstrong run in.  Saito destroys Odom with a side suplex.  No Bob Armstrong run in.

Jimmy Golden and Ron Fuller join Charlie Platt and Les Thatcher at the announce desk.  Ron Fuller explains the on again and off again family feud between Ron Fuller and his brother Robert and their cousin Jimmy Golden but makes a point that they are all cool... for now.  

I guess I finally have my answer to whether or not Johnny Valiant actually ever wrestled in the Southeastern area and the answer is yes, at least in Dothan, Alabama where we get video highlights of Johnny Valiant against a masked Tennessee Stud.  Apparently Ron Fuller won the match and sent Johnny Valiant to the hospital but the tape ends there.

January 17, 1981 (Television Show): Hosts Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher: Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose announced as new NWA Southeastern tag team champions...  Jerry Stubbs angle over the NWA U.S. Junior title... Jerry Stubbs defeated Ray Harris... Paul Orndorff video verses Larry Cheatem from Mid-South area... Corvette tournament promos...  Paul Orndorff promo...  Highlights of Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose winning the NWA Southeastern tag team titles from Bob & Brad Armstrong...  Ron Bass defeated Ken Timbs... Brad Armstrong interview and brawl with Mr. Saito... Robert Gibson promo...  Robert Gibson defeated Jimmy Jones...  Mr. Saito (NWA Alabama champion) defeated Charles Odom...  Jimmy Golden and Ron Fuller promo... Highlights of Johnny Valiant verses Tennessee Stud...  (Referee: Tommy Weathers)

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