March 28, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

When It Was Cool continues our series looking at the promotion I grew up watching- Ron Fuller's NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling (which becomes Continental Wrestling in the summer of 1985).  If you missed the last episode check here.

The YouTube footage joins a match between Brad Armstrong and Stan Lane in progress.  Brad Armstrong controls the early part of the match, working the leg over in particular.  The match ends in a time limit draw.  The two continue to fight for a few moments after the match.

We now get the line up for the upcoming Monday night show at Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium:  Texas Death Match:  Ron Fuller verses Jimmy Golden, Ken Lucas (NWA Southeastern champion) defends against Ron Bass, For the held up NWA Southeastern tag team titles Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey verses Jerry Stubbs & Paul Orndorff, Bob & Brad Armstrong verses Mr. Saito & Stan Lane, Robert Gibson verses Chris Markoff.

We return to Les Thatcher who corrects the previous report saying that the NWA Southeastern tag team titles are not held up but instead have been returned to Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose and Jerry Stubbs will be taking a different partner so something may be up with Orndorff.

Les Thatcher then oversees dueling interviews with Bob & Brad Armstrong and Mr. Saito & Stan Lane.  Stan Lane is the reigning NWA U.S. Junior heavyweight champion and Mr. Saito is still the reigning NWA Alabama champion.

We now join Charlie Platt who interviews Ken Lucas who is now the NWA Southeastern champion and will be feuding with Ron Bass.

We are back to the ring for our next match:  Ron Bass verses Robert Gibson.  Gibson looks strong early on and gets more offense than you might expect but Bass turns the tables with an Atomic Drop.  Ron Bass wins by pinfall.

Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Mr. Saito are out to watch a video tape with Charlie Platt involving Paul Orndorff & Norvell Austin.  Norvell Austin has been injured again and is out of action.  Dennis Condrey is particularly entertaining in this interview.

The heels challenge Paul Orndorff to arm wrestle Mr. Saito so an angle is being set up here.

Charlie Platt now sits down with Ron Fuller to talk about what he's been up to lately.  Fuller says he's been out on the west coast wrestling and had won the Pacific Coast title (he hadn't) but has returned to fight his cousin Jimmy Golden.  Fuller discusses the film of Buddy Fuller getting attacked by Jimmy Golden and Ron Bass.  Old man Buddy Fuller actually did pretty well against the heels but ends up getting beat up two on one.

Our next match is in the ring:  Paul Orndorff & Jerry Stubbs verses Joe Tuner & The Superstar.  The Superstar is a generic enhancement worker gimmick used in Southeastern and I think multiple people worked in the role.  Straight forward squash match by Stubbs & Orndorff.

Bob Armstrong joins Paul Orndorff & Jerry Stubbs at the announce desk to watch some tape of a southern street fight against Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Mr. Saito.  

We then get one of those weird out of sequence interviews that only Southeastern and Memphis could do.  We find out before any of this airs that Jerry Stubbs will not be teaming with Paul Orndorff (we don't know why yet) but instead will team with the Georgia Jawjacker which is one of Bob Armstrong's pre-Bullet masked gimmicks.  We have no idea why this is yet but we get to hear Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose and Jerry Stubbs talk about it.  Interview was worth it just to see Jerry Stubbs and Les Thatcher nearly crack up when Stubbs accidentally calls the Georgia Jawjacker the Georgia Jaw Whacker.

Jimmy Golden is out next in a cape.  Yes, a cape.  He's holding Ron Fuller's Tennessee Stud mask again which he took off him a couple months back.  We see the video again of Golden and Ron Bass unmasking Ron Fuller.  

Next match is in the ring.  Jimmy Golden vs The Deamon (yes, spelled that way on screen).  Golden squashes him but refuses to pin him and shoves down the referee.  This brings Ron Fuller out who hits the ring and attacks Golden.  Ron Bass comes out to attempt to save Golden.  Ken Lucas runs out to even the odds. 

Ron Fuller literally shoves the Tennessee Stud mask down Jimmy Golden's throat.  Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose finally come out to drag Golden out of the ring so the heels can escape.

Dueling interviews between Ron Fuller & Ken Lucas and Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass.

Les Thatcher and Charlie Platt wrap up the show with no mention of why Paul Orndorff isn't teaming up with Jerry Stubbs nor who or what the Georgia Jawjacker is.

March 28, 1981 (Television Show): Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher hosts... Brad Armstrong time limit draw with Stan Lane... Interviews with Bob & Brad Armstrong and Mr. Saito & Stan Lane... Interview with Ken Lucas... Ron Bass defeated Robert Gibson ...Video of Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose injuring Norvell Austin again... Ron Fuller interview... Jerry Stubbs & Paul Orndorff defeated The Superstar & Joe Turner... Interview with Paul Orndorff & Jerry Stubbs & Bob Armstrong...  Interview with Jerry Stubbs and Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose... The Deamon (spelled that way on TV) defeated Jimmy Golden by DQ... Post match brawl with Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass and Ken Lucas & Ron Fuller... Ron Fuller & Ken Lucas and Jimmy Golden & Ron Bass interviews...     (Referee: Larry Brock)

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