Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1886

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 82 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


01-20-1886: Edras Gus Lambert defeated Leopold Arnade in a Catch-As-Catch-Can match for the Championship of Canada in Montreal.

01-27-1886: Evan “Strangler” Lewis defeats Matsada Sorakichi with the strangle hold in Chicago, IL. Matsada was said to be spitting blood after the match.

02-15-1886: Matsada Sorakichi rematches with Evan “Strangler” Lewis, this time with the strangle hold barred. Sorakichi is said to have told Lewis, “If you choke me I will shoot you.” Lewis responded, “I will not choke you this time, but I will screw your leg off.” Lewis wins with Sorakichi’s leg badly injured. The match made the front page of the New York Times.

04-10-1886: Edras Gus Lambert defeated Andre Cristol in a Catch-As-Catch-Can match for the Championship of Canada in Montreal.

06-22-1886: Edras Gus Lambert defeated David Michand in a Catch-As-Catch-Can match for the Championship of Canada in Montreal.

10-09-1886: The following appears in the National Police Gazette - “If Evan ‘Strangler’ Lewis is the wonderful wrestler the western papers claim him to be why don’t he meet Joe Acton, the original and only champion at Catch-As-Catch-Can? Acton will meet Lewis or any man living either in a contest according to Greco-Roman or Catch-As-Catch-Can rules for any amount from $1000 to $5000 a side. Time and time again Acton’s backer, Arthur Chambers of Philadelphia has posed a forfeit of $250 with the Police Gazette and offered to match Acton to wrestle any man in the world but the forfeit money appears to always frighten the would be champions. Lewis is now the only man who appears to have any reputation since William Muldoon and Duncan C. Ross have given up the game and he will either have to meet Acton or lower down his colors.”

Edras Gus Lambert.jpg

Edras Gus Lambert

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