Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1934

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 82 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


01-02-1934: The New York State Athletic Commission investigates Rudy Miller, Jack Curley, Jim Londos, Toots Mondt, Ed White, Tom Packs, and Dick Shikat on charges of fixing matches.

01-15-1934: Jack Pfeffer goes to the New York Times revealing several “inside secrets” about professional wrestling, specifically reporting that Jim Londos victory over Dick Shikat in 1929 was “prearranged.”

01-26-1934: The New York State Athletic Commission issues a ruling banning “syndicate agreements” between promoters and outlawing the dropkick.

02-08-1934: Promoter John Krone dies of a heart attack in Chicago, IL.

02-21-1934: Joe Stecher wrestles his last match before finally retiring for good against Jim Browning in Chicago, IL. Browning had grown up idolizing Stecher. Following Joe Stecher’s retirement he suffered from a variety of mental illnesses, most notably depression and was institutionalized and cared for by his brother, promoter Tony Stecher. Joe lived to be 80 years old.

02-25-1934: After wrestling a reported 80 minute match against Harry Kent in Kalispell, MT, The California Red Devil (Jack Lewis) dies of an apparent heart attack.

03-05-1934: Leroy McGuirk defeats Hugh Nichols for the World lightweight title in Tulsa, OK.

Hugh Winn defeats Fred Lassiter for the Atlanta City wrestling title.

03-11-1934: Tex Wright (28 years old) dies after a match with Harry Ekizian (wrestling at the time as Ali Yumid, later better known as Ali Baba) in Greeley, CO.

04-12-1934: Former World middleweight champion Jack Reynolds is indicted by an Ohio Grand Jury in the death of James Meyers and Philip Citron in a Cincinnati murder in March. Reynolds is acquitted in the trial.

06-14-1934: Future wrestler Primo Carnera loses the World heavyweight boxing championship by 11th round knock out to Max Baer in Long Island, NY.

06-17-1934: Mario Nunez defeats Tony Canales for the vacant Mexico National Welterweight title in Mexico City.

06-21-1934: Francisco “El Charro” Aguayo defeats Manuel Hernandez to win the vacant Mexican National heavyweight title in Mexico City in the Salvador Lutteroth ran EMLL promotion.

06-25-1934: Jim Londos, the National Wrestling Association recognized world champion, defeats Jim Browning in New York City to become recognized as world champion there as well.

06-27-1934: Pro wrestler and trainee of Farmer Burns, Charlie Hanson, drowned in Lake Washington near Seattle while trying to swim to a boat.

06-28-1934: Jack O’Brien defeats Dientes Hernandez to become the first Mexican National lightweight champion.

09-20-1934: Jim Londos defeats Ed “Strangler” Lewis at Wriggly Field in Chicago, IL drawing 35,256 and a record gate of $96,302. This match was called by many, “the last great shooting match in history,” but it was, in fact, a worked match.

10-09-1934: Wrestler Abe Kashey defeats boxer Charlie Retzlaff in a wrestler vs boxer match with Jack Dempsey as referee.

12-06-1934: Nick Bockwinkel is born. He is the son of wrestler Warren Bockwinkel.

12-17-1934: Man Mountain Dean is sued by a Los Angeles man, James Gordon, for $60,000 in damages for allegedly being beaten up in a street fight by Dean.

Primo Carnera.jpg

Primo Carnera

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